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Hasiera> Berriak> 2007/10/04 Irutxuloko Hitza. Datorren urtean hasiko will say Morlanseko tuneleko bidegorria eraikitzen (gazteleraz)

2007/10/04 Irutxuloko Hitza. Datorren urtean hasiko will say Morlanseko tuneleko bidegorria eraikitzen (gazteleraz)

It seems that the light that is seen at the end of the ancient railroad Morlans tunnel is the definitive one. The mayor, Odón Elorza, and the adviser of Transports of the Basque Government, Nuria López of Gereñu, agreed yesterday the construction from the next year of the bidegorri that it will join It will love and Ibaeta. He will be the autonomous Executive the one that carries out the works, after demanding that, before doing the cycle route, a connection should be realized with the current tunnel in use of Euskotren, in such a way that an evacuation route is enabled for emergency cases.

The Town hall takes years trying that Euskotren was transferring this ancient railroad tunnel to construct a bidegorri who takes a fancy like key to grant enough flexibility to the cycle network of the city, since he will allow to communicate straight It will Love and Ibaeta in only five minutes. The municipal government entrusted to Ikaur the writing of the draft and of the project of execution, which there received in the last months the approval of Euskal Trenbide Sarea, entity dependent on the Department of Transports that approved in June the agreement by means of which the tunnel was transferred in precarious to the Town hall for the execution of the bidegorri.

Elorza and the councilman of Mobility, Ernesto Gasco, were surprised yesterday when, in the meeting summoned in Vitoria with the adviser Nuria Lopez de Gereñu, the Basque Government it raised the need to construct now, and not in the future years, this emergency route of the current railroad variant of Euskotren towards the ancient tunnel. Also, the Department of Transports introduces new modifications as «the reinforcement of the vault of the tunnel» and the «detour of the ditch of Bera Bera» to avoid floods, and raises in a new agreement that all these works are bid and awarded simultaneously by Euskal Trenbide Sarea, not for the Town hall. The Basque Government pointed out in a note that these changes «improve and complete» the proposals of the Town hall, and guarantee «the priority use of the tunnel of Morlans as route of evacuation of the network of Euskal trenbide Sareak in case of emergency».

Elorza expressed to DV his discomfort for this change of exposition - Transports sources denied that it should change not at all on the due thing - made sure that earlier the Basque Government had never indicated that the evacuation route would realize together with the bidegorri and affirmed that the only thing for that he waits is that «there are no new debts» on the compromised in the meeting.

The numbers

The period that manage are the following ones: the execution project will be concluded at the end of the present month; before the end of the year one hopes to extract the works to tender - contest between companies-; by the beginning of the construction throughout the next year. The entire cost will be 2,6 million euros, which both parts will finance to equal parts. Nevertheless, Elorza added that the bidegorri is budgeted in 1,5 millions - the rest will be the route of evacuation and the detour of the ditch - therefore the Basque Government «will only put 200.000 euros for the bidegorri». The first town councilor indicated that they will try to receive the financing that there promised the minister of Environment, Cristina Narbona, for the construction of the bidegorri, although now they should have changed the circumstances, what would suppose a saving for 1,3 millions of municipal contribution.

Elorza, also, confirmed that the Basque Government has extracted to tender the achievement of a feasibility study for the unfolding of the line of Euskotren between Farrier and Errenteria with the construction of at least an underground station for Altza. The mayor remembered that it was an amendment of the socialistic parliamentary group to the Basque Budgets of 2007 the one that has made this decision possible. «It is a positive step», that should have a later continuity with the order of the projects and the decision to attack a few works that would turn the Mole into a service of pre-meter for the majority of the city.

: The ancient railroad tunnel will be of priority form an evacuation route in case of emergency of the current tunnel in use. In his base a bidegorri will be constructed.

Modifications: I turn away of the ditch of Bera Bera and reinforcement of the vault of the tunnel.

New agreement: The connection with the current tunnel and the bidegorri they are constructed simultaneously.

Cost: 2,6 million euros, financed to 50 % for Town hall and Basque Government.

Period: The construction begins in 2008 and it will extend 12 months.

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