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Hasiera> Berriak> 2007/09/10 DV. Errotaburu zeharkatuko du bidegorri berri batek datorren neguan eta gainontzeko bidegorriekin lotuta egongo gives (gazteleraz)

2007/09/10 DV. Errotaburu zeharkatuko du bidegorri berri batek datorren neguan eta gainontzeko bidegorriekin lotuta egongo gives (gazteleraz)

SAN SEBASTIÁN. DV. The cycle road that trancurre from the university campus even Ibaeta will have a continuation until the end of the street Xabier Lizardi, after the tower of Treasury Department placed in Errotaburu. The Town hall has approved the project and his tender with a budget for 81.036 euros. It is believed that the new bidegorri, 416 meters long, will be finished at the beginning of next year.

Until now the cycle network of the city connects Ondarreta with Ibaeta by means of two routes that pass on both sides of the avenue of Toulouse. One of them crosses The Ancient one, Bentaberri and Lorea and this area connects with the quarter of Añorga Txiki. The second bidegorri, which crosses the university campus up to coming to the urban development placed along with the square of access to Igara, was dying under the viaduct of the freeway.

This rail bike will have his continuation along the whole street Xabier Lizardi, will cross the Errotaburu walk and will come up to the sports track placed at the end of the street. This way the neighbors of these blocks of flats will not have already to cross the square of America or approach up to the viaduct to gain access to the cycle network. The term of achievement of the works will be two months. The municipal government has extracted the project to tender and it is foreseeable that the works do not award even in two months, after receiving and analyzing the offers that the companies present.

To construct the new bidegorri stretch there will be modified part of the areas of parking in battery of this street, which will happen to turn into parking in line, and others will be eliminated, with the consequent squares reduction.

Sidewalks enlargement

Asímismo, the sidewalks will be extended at a height of the crosswalks placed in the corners with Balentegi and Errotaburu, which also will be raised to reduce the speed of the circulation. The curbs of the sidewalks will adapt themselves to smooth the step of the bicycles and there will deal half a meter of the area landscaped in the last stretch of the street for the crosswalk and cyclists.

The cycle road will have, at least, two meters wide and will pass for the left sidewalk from the entry to the church of the Holy Spirit up to the arrival to the walk of Errotaburu. In this point the bidegorri will cross to the right sidewalk and will continue for this side street up to the sports track placed at the end of the street.

The signaling of the rail bike will include the indication of an axis between two circulation rails for bicycles, a red line in the stretches that pass for the sidewalk and the habitual vertical signs and of danger for the elevations of the crosswalks.

A ford of drainage 0,60 meters wide will separate the bidegorri of the rails of circulation of vehicles, of this form his not invasion is guaranteed on the part of the vehicles traffic, and it is provided with protection to the cycle traffic. The double rail will be supported up to the intersection with Balentegi. The only circulation sense will preserve the rest.

In the waiting areas for the pedestrians in the crosswalks a coexistence area will be created with the bidegorri. To highlight the preference of the pedestrian, the paving will be left how is life, without marking the road for bicycles.
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The new bidegorri will allow to the Errotaburu neighbors to tune in from his houses to the set of the cycle network. [WOLF ALTUNA]

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