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Hasiera> Berriak> 2007/09/28 DV. Baiona bizikleta bidezko garraioaren alde (gazteleraz)

2007/09/28 DV. Baiona bizikleta bidezko garraioaren alde (gazteleraz)

IPARRALDE. DV. The Town hall of Baiona has started a new service of loan of bicycles in the center of the city. This new service reinforces the different measurements acquired by the Consistory labortano, with the target to reduce the vehicles circulation for the urban center.

The mayor of the city, Jean Grenet, frames this new initiative inside the municipal politics of transport, marked by the will to develop the sweet transport. To the free buses they were followed by the achievement of peripheral parkings as well as the adaptation of the cost of the parking as the use, and the creation of 300 spaces of parking for the vehicles of two wheels.

Before starting this new initiative of the free loan of bicycles, the Town hall has been constructing a bidet - gorris network, up to offering to the cyclists 40 km of trip destined for the bicycles.

It is bicycles are available in five covered parkings of the city, placed in the precincts of the center, as well as in the Tourist information office and in the House of the Associations.

In the first moment the Town hall has thrown the project with fifty bicycles, but for December one hopes to extend the number in forty more, and complete the offer with another fifty bicycles, next spring.

Daily loan

It has been elected the Dutch model of bicycle with which it is possible to go for a walk, to realize buys (for it it is provided with a supplementary basket) or for any type of rapid displacement, without cloggings in the center of the city.

The bicycles are equipped with a system anti-thefts, so that the user can park it peacefully in any destined point to that end.

The vehicles can be taken for one day as maximum (from 9. until 19 hs), and it is necessary to return them in the place in which they have been taken.

The mayor of Baiona wanted to give example to his fellow citizens and did a small demonstration of the use of the bicycle before the press.

The Town hall has pointed out that seven good reasons exist to adopt this system on the part of the citizens. Pedalling is practical, because allow to go away where you want; it is punctual, because he does not endure the traffic cloggings; it is economic, adapting itself to all the pockets; it is healthy, he helps to keep the form; it is desestresante and ecologically, it neither does noise nor generates contamination.

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