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09/05/08. DV.El rail bike of Pedro Egaña will bear changes in square Easo

The municipal government will give today green light to the bidegorri that will connect the street Autonomy (Old man Loved) with that
it passes for the river after crossing the streets Easo, Urbieta and Prim. This connection has his transcendency because it gives continuity to the tracing
that comes from Anoeta for the walk Errondo and there will gather part of the tráficos that they avenge of the Ancient one for the ancient railroad tunnel of
Morlans that in a few months will be a new bidegorri. The project has a budget for 109.818 euros and a term of execution of four
weeks. Today the tender of the works is approved.

The reurban development of the street Prim drew the beginning of this connection
cyclist from the walk of the Tree of Gernika up to the street Urbieta,
but it stayed without finishing off the set of the tracing. The bidegorri
it will pass in oblique in the roadway of the street Urbieta, where there will be
that to relocate two semaphores, to come to the beginning of Pedro Egaña
- portals you give birth-. The rail bike will occupy the current right line of
cars parking and it will continue in straight line up to the access to
station of Euskotren, where he will make use of the new crosswalk that
it will be constructed before his entry to change side and to continue his way
for the line of parking regulated by OTA. This change of side is
motivated because, otherwise, the bidegorri would cross with
entry of vehicles to the underground parking lot of the square.

The right line of parking of Pedro Egaña will be ordained to
continuation of the bidegorri - in way a curb of 50 will be placed
centimeters of separation to avoid the cyclists' collisions with
the occupants who go out of the vehicles - and circulation roadway
it will have to suppress the left line of parking - ten cars-.
Two handicapped persons squares move to the square Easo, where
it will signpost also a parking area for motorbikes, today

The performance will be completed by a progress of the pedestrian transit in
street and term Easo. There is suppressed the crosswalk, which today does not allow
to continue for this street without giving one I fail to go out in straight line of
station, for two pedestrian steps in each points. That
he will construct in front of the station he will be sobreelevado and they will have 65 m2.
In this sidewalk the current 10 OTA squares will be suppressed.

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