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Hasiera> Berriak> 08/01/18. "Stave 20 urte, udaletxeko bulegoetan harrera egitea ere ez genuen lortzen" (gazteleraz)

08/01/18. "Stave 20 urte, udaletxeko bulegoetan harrera egitea ere ez genuen lortzen" (gazteleraz)

Donostia. It tells that Kalapie was late years in being valued for the municipal ambience. Edorta Bergua is one of the veteran members of a group who has turned into a voice authorized in what it refers to urban transport. It has created head offices in Bidasoa and Oarsoaldea and this year has been recognized by the medal after the Civil Merit of Donostia.

Do they already know who has proposed to Kalapie for the medal?

The only thing that we know is that it was approved in spokesmen's meeting. But we do not know from which either the proposal or the procedure goes out. Only that called us to say to us that they had given us the medal.

Astonished and grateful, of that time?

Yes, skylight. As it is a recognition, one is grateful that someone has thought about us for this award.

Why do they believe that they have been proposed?

They have said it to us. I do not remember it textually, but it comes to be for the work for which we have done in these years to promote the use the bicycle and to turn it into a way of normalized transport.

Have they come far in this target?

When we arise scarcely there was nothing to ride bicycle in the city. We have achieved that more persons and entities were supporting us and, finally, that the political persons in charge have sensitized.

Kalapie is characterized for giving cane to the institutions, always inside a respect. Does it surprise the medal in spite of this?

Our position is critical. It surprises the fact of being proposed. We are a group who raises criticism, but also proposals. We have a relation polite and civilized with the Town hall, but that the entity to which you are asking constantly recognizes after you that it can turn out to be paradoxical. We interpret it to the effect that the political parties that have approved this medal think that it is good that there are citizens who work for the city, in spite of having discrepant positions with the one who governs.

Are they going to make use of the gratitude speech to throw of the ears someone?

We have not thought about the speech yet. In addition to being grateful for the medal, we are going to insist on our work in the same direction. We are rewarded for being a critical voice.

Is there going to be celebration of some type?

A dinner on Friday, the 18th, opened to all the persons who identify with our point of view.

Are the Kalapie members keen of the cycling?

Not particularly. In my case, no. For us the bicycle is a way of transport of urban displacement, although some of us use it to do tourism. But we do not use the bicycle to go in for sport looking simply for the physical exercise.

Do not say to me that they have ever stayed to ride bicycle.

Yes. The bicycle is a way to walk, but not in the sports sense.

What are they going to do with the medal?

We have not decided yet it. I imagine that we will put it in the place.

They have left a few days to tie all the details.

We will speak during the dinner. We will be more people.

Perhaps you take it to house.

It is a possibility.

Is it the first recognition that Kalapie receives?

No. Years ago, a group of Iurreta granted us an award. Also it caught us of surprise.

A medal?

No. It was a sculpture.

Is it negative for a group who identifies him for his critical character?

We have critical character, but always in constructive line. We have given our opinion about different questions, but not with destructive mood, but calling into question possibilities alternative and tried to demonstrate that there are solutions for the problems.

Are the members of Kalapie devout of the Tamborrada?

It does not have why. Kalapie has three sections. Original, of Donostia, which there join the sections of Oarsoaldea and Bidasoa. In the Donostia section there is the one who individually takes part in tamborradas, but we do not do it as association.

Have you particularly done it?

I have taken part several times, yes.

To whom is the medalist dedicated?

To all the persons who have passed for Kalapie throughout these years and to all those who, in spite of not being associates, have contributed something across his participation in acts that we have organized. Thanks to them it has been possible to achieve the pressure that has generated that the things change. We have been provided with the support of many persons.

Have you had to call to many doors?

Approximately twenty years ago, the Kalapie members we were not achieving that they were receiving us in the municipal offices.

Can he contribute the medal after which they are recognized definitely?

The things normalized years ago. The Town hall accepts us now like member of the Advice Adviser of Mobility, for example. We feel that our work is recognized. Another thing is that they reward it to you.

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