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8/20/2007 THE COUNTRY. You give birth to pedals. Bikes rent in Paris

His success has exceeded all the expectations. The project Vélib (contraction of See it free, free bicycle), a service of rent of bicycles managed by the Town hall of Paris, pleases and entertains. Since it was inaugurated last July, Parisians and visitors plant proud the backside on a saddle and support the dolls against the handlebar with the peculiar happiness that cause the practical inventions. The massive displacement on two wheels - the people go and come in bicycle with surprising liveliness - wins every day more followers.
Actor Alain Delon dressed of impeccable summer (but without tie), gave a return for the precincts of the Town hall of Paris conversing animatedly with mayor Bertrand Delanoë; a walk surprise which impact mediático did not allow to determine which of two personalities was exhibiting better pedalled.
Technically, and like effective alternative to the car, they have been right in the things. Vélib proposes a system of unpublished rent in the city. It is free 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with 14.197 parked bikes and 1.451 parkings every 300 meters in the strategic axes of the town. The procedure is simple; a bicycle is taken and he turns to park when he wants in any of the points Vélib distributed by the city. The first half an hour is free and the following fractions of 30 minutes cost an euro; if it is used during more than hour and a half four euros are paid. A console explains, in eight languages, the procedure to continue. The society of urban furniture JC Decaux has been the manager of designing the appliance. The bike (gray mother-of-pearl) is robust, ergonomic and comfortable. It weighs 22 kilos, instead of 18 (the habitual one in the commerce) as a precaution against the longevity of the material. The brakes, marches and burglar-proof system are integrated to the central nodule. It includes a basket in the front, where personal equipment and buys fit.
The case is that the petite reigns it gains area on the asphalt and, despite being still insufficient, it is already provided with 371 kilometers of tracks for which it is possible to pedal in the Parisian capital. The simple spontaneity of innocent beings that it characterizes to the bicycles - as said Cortázar in his mythical book Histories of cronopios and of reputations (Minotaur, 1962) - has drawn deeply between the young people. It turns out to be especially practical to them to return of holidays and discotheques in the night. As there says Albertine, student of Right: "This way we do not depend on anybody. The meter closes soon, and to return in bike allows us to save the taxi".

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