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DV. (08/09/17).Kalapiek Zinemaldiari bere gonbidatuei bizikletak erraztea proposatu gave (gazteleraz)

Also it raises that the workpeople of the contest resort to this transport way. His target, to improve the quality of life
DV. Along with the march that the same week will carry out for the whole region, Kalapie, the association of urban cyclists with a delegation in Oarsoaldea, it raises another series of proposals owing to the Week of the European Mobility that is celebrated from yesterday, Tuesday.
Between these he emphasizes the missive sent to the direction of the International Festival of Movies of San Sebastian so that bikes should be facilitated to his guests and personnel.
Under the motto To The movies on foot or in bicycle, in the text he remembers that one of the targets of this Week is «to report, to make aware and to do participant to the citizenship of the quality of life of the cities, reducing the contamination, obtaining a sustainable mobility, and finally, doing more and more habitable cities». It adds, asismimo, that «big part of the contamination that we endure is a consequence of the use of the vehicles of engine, for it for years we have working so that there diminishes the use of the private car, the public transport is used more and that the bicycle implants to itself like transport way».
For all this, from Kalapie one asks to the Film festival «to set at the disposal of the directors, actors, technical staff, journalists and other workpeople, bicycles so that they are used in the different displacements of the city», diminishing thus progressively «the high number of cars that it uses».
«There are an ostentation»
«Let's not create them necessary, considering the small distances that exist in our city, we do not even believe them suitable for supposing an ostentation of the car as a fetish of our society», they point out from the said association of urban cyclists in the letter sent to the Zinemaldia.
His spokesmen add that, thus, also the Film festival «he will help to improve the quality of life of San Sebastian, displacing progressively to the car and promoting a cheap, simple, healthy and not pollutant form of transport as it is the bicycle».

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