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Hasiera> Berriak> 1/11/2008 DV PNV-ek aldaketak eskatzen ditu bizikleten alokairuaren inguruan (gazteleraz)

1/11/2008 DV PNV-ek aldaketak eskatzen ditu bizikleten alokairuaren inguruan (gazteleraz)

The PNV has proceeded with three suggestions directed to the municipal government on the new system of loan of bicycles. The councilwoman Aitziber San Roman valued very positively the putting for functioning of the service of public rent of bicycles that marries «perfectly the philosophy and targets marked in the Plan of Struggle against the Climate change».

The PNV thinks, nevertheless, that the new service might be improved. First of all, San Roman asked that should be considered to be his proposal to use bicycles gathered in the municipal deposit of vehicles for the possible needs for the service of loan.

The councilman indicated as well as the service d-Bizi presents several disadvantages so that the occasional visitors of the city use it, something that collides with the tourist projection of San Sebastian. In particular, it was referring to the step of having to obtain a txartela that is late 5 days in surrendering. «In other cities as Bilbao, Gasteiz, Cordova, Ponferrada or Rennes there is a simple and rapid system that allows to the tourists, previous identification and payment, the use of this service», he added. The municipal government has told in some occasion that in San Sebastian the system wants to avoid to compete to the business deprived of loan of bikes through that they live mostly of the tourists.

San Roman also claimed the laying in the places of anchoring of the bikes of a few panels with the basic norms of use of the bidegorris to avoid in possible the «conflicts pedestrian - bicycle».

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