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DV17 / 12/2007 The Medals to the Merit of San Sebastian will reward the work of two citizens and three associations

The mayor donostiarra, Odón Elorza, has announced in a wheel
of press the names of the persons and associations that will receive the Medals
to the Merit of Donostia, after the Spokesmen's Meeting has taken today of
unanimous form the decision to grant this distinction to them.
Carlos Benito, profession doctor but also
promoter of cultural and sports activities, Lourdes Oñaderra, doctor in
Basque philology, and the associations Kalapie, Ademgi and Verdini Dantza Taldea
they will be the next prizewinners.
The first town councilor has stood out of the donostiarra Carlos Benito, born
in 1954 and Bachelor of surgery and medicine, his "capacity and disposition for
to impel activities and sports and cultural organizations of way
absolutely altruistic for many years in San Sebastian".
Of the doctor of Basque Philology graduated in Philology
Hispanic, novelist and member of Euskaltzaindia Lourdes Oñaderra there is
underlined that is "linguist, writer, researcher of the world of the Basque and
columnist in different mass media".
As for three associations that will be decorated with
Medal to the Civil Merit of the capital of Guipúzcoa, Elorza has indicated that
association of urban cyclists Kalapie will be rewarded with this award "for his
I impel in the promotion of the use of the bicycle and the construction of
In case of Verdini Dantza Taldea, which uses the art of
the dance as way of social integration for the persons with disability,
he tries to recognize his "effort" in this ambience.
The Association of Multiple sclerosis of Gipuzkoa
Ademgi also will be decorated by the "hard work" that they carry out
the relatives of the affected ones by this illness since this entity
it created in 1992.

On eve of San Sebastian
The delivery of these medals will take place next January 19,
on eve of the festivity of San Sebastian, in an act that will be celebrated in
lounge of plenary meetings of the consistory donostiarra.
The mayor has reported in addition to that the Spokesmen's Meeting
also it has ratified today for unanimity the authorization of the golden Drum to
scientist Cristina Garmendia, award that will receive on January 20.
These distinctions will be ratified in the next plenary meeting of the 27th.
Elorza has remembered finally the recent unanimous decision of

Town hall of granting the golden Medal of the city to the Athletic San club
Sebastián, by what "three big distinctions have been decided for 2008
for unanimity of all the groups".

"We are critical, but always seriously"

The association was born in 1989 to impel
building of road infrastructures for the bikes and, especially, to promote
the urban cycling. His determination in the bidegorri of La Concha was proverbial, and they are
known his constant allegations to different municipal plans, including
General plan, with the target to promote the bicycle. They are 365 associates and it is
his intense critical activity the one that has wanted to differ, a question that
it has surprised in the bosom of this entity. Miguel Sagüés, active member
of this group, he was mentioning yesterday that, they did not have «it does not even design» of that they were
at least nominated. «We did not know anything and we surprise it, between other things, because
we are usually critics with the Town hall, want to put the finger in the ulcer and,
to know that that is recognized from the proper institution gives us energy and
satisfaction to continue in the same way that till now, that of the criticism
serious, constructive».Sus studies and allegations are known for
habitual rigor that they use at the time of raising them and also it is known his
insistenca. «We want to be rigorous and if we have to support an initiative
we do likewise we are opposed to others».Más there of his
writings on certain projects, they collaborate in round tables, marches
cyclists or reduce of sidewalks, as well as in the commission on the bicycle.
«We are called others some and are surprised, but also much

"We have done a hollow to ourselves"

The association Kalapie will meet tomorrow to treat, between other matters,
authorization of the medal to the merit, an award that, in opinion of his president,
Carlos González, "does illusion, skylight". The award is for the group
result of years of work in that "the people have brought in that for different
reasons it has had to leave Kalapie. This medalist has made me agree me of all
those who have worked to come up to where we are". González was recognizing yesterday
that have been times of hard work. "The first years were difficult. Us
we were assembling where we could and little by little we have gone doing a hollow to ourselves",
the Kalapie president was explaining. "It is possible that there are other groups who deserve it more, but they have remembered of
we. The award has the extra cost of which we have not presented before ourselves. Us
they have chosen". González was pointing out that he would like than in the delivery of the medal,
Kalapie was represented by veterans and women, between others. "We saw that
we were beginning gaining the battle at the moment when the women, and not only
young people, was choosing the bicycle for his displacements".

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