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CONTEST OF PHOTO "Donostian Bizikletaz"
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The bicycle as transport transforms the cities into more kind spaces. The bicycle helps us to avoid the climate change, reduces the noise of the cities, supports us in form and helps us to recover the public space.
With this contest we try to obtain images that reflect the benefits and advantages that the bicycle supposes in our urban ambience. The contest wants to show of visual form that his use is not a caprice, but a need for the construction of a sustainable future.
Do not cut you, we hope for your photos so that you should move, should provoke laughs, should surprise, should claim, should suggest and especially, up you should cheer us to move in bicycle.
The term of presentation of the photos begins on March 3 and finishes on April 20.

  • BASES:

1. Target of the contest.
The purpose of the contest is to spread the use of the bicycle as way of transport in our city, announcing his advantages as respectful vehicle with the environment, healthy, democratic and modern. The photos will have to be done in the city of Donostia-San.

2. Requisites of the candidates.
There will be able to compete all the persons who wish it.

3. Calendar and functioning.
The photos will have to appear from March 3, finishing on April 20
As soon as the photos were received, they will be hung on our Web page after being checked. The Observatory of The Bicycle reserves the right to push back those photos that it creates suitably, basing on criteria of respect and subject-matter framed inside the contest, between others.
On May 15 they will announce 3 winning photos to themselves on the Web page of the Observatory of the bicycle: and local press

4. Mailing of the photos.
Three photos will present themselves as a maximum for participant, of free format, with any photographic skill, in color or white person and black. There will not be admitted works that have been rewarded in other contests or exhibited publicly. The photos will have to have a weight of between 1 and 6 Mb so that the Observatory could, in case this way he wishes it, be transformed into other presentation formats. These will be sent by e-mail, together with the form of participation that is enclosed, to the mail ó

5. The Jury
The jury will be composed by experts in photo of: the Photographic Society of Guipuzcoa, the Institute Vasco de Fotografía, Kalapie associates. His decision will be inappealable.

6. Criteria of the Jury.
There will be rewarded the works that better reflect the bicycle as transport in our city. The reflective content will be valued and of transmission of the advantages like way of urban transport and of free time that expresses the work, also, of course, of his artistic and technical quality. The title of the work will have to be according to the bases. The decision of the jury will be inappealable.

7. Awards.
3 works will be rewarded, each of them with a folding bicycle. The place will be indicated opportunely, day and hour of the delivery of the awards

8. Acceptance of the bases.
The participation in the contest implicit ride the acceptance of these bases.

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