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News of Gipuzkoa 1/27/2009 The underground bidegorri that it joins will Love with The Ancient one it will be operative in March

The underground bidegorri that it will join will Love with The Ancient one it is at least of two months of turning in fact. The mayor donostiarra, Odón Elorza, and the adviser of Transports and Public works of the Basque Government, Nuria López of Guereñu, they visited yesterday
in the evening the works of the tunnel of Morlans, closely of one kilometer of distance, where the ancient line of the Mole was passing up to the reshaping of the tracing in March, 2005. There talks each other of the stretch star of this project that they carry out jointly the Executive deVitoria and the local Consistory and that will cost almost two million euros (1.994.935), which will be financed to equal parts between both

Joined by the bidegorri and under the artificial light of the tunnel, Elorza and López de Guereñu left aside the clash opened between
Basque government and Town hall due to the project of the Mole of Altza, with crossing of public accusations. Mayor and adviser covered to
chirp the underground alley of going and return and they proved to be "satisfied" to themselves of this joint project that he tries to encourage one
more sustainable transport promoting the combination train - bicycle. This way it was shown by López de Guereñu, who aimed that EuskoTren has advanced in the endowment of outside broadcast units that allow to take the bicycle in the train.

The new route will tune in will Love with the areas of pagola, Lorea, Errotaburu, Igara and Ibaeta. The rail - bike, which it will have prohibited
I access to pedestrians, it will have almost two kilometers long between the walk of Errondo - at a height of the Sacred Family - and the avenue of
Toulouse - in the Errotaburu rotunda-. From the lot where the ancient gas factory was located, the bidegorri will journey 400 meters for
current Morlans quarter up to embocar, under the viaduct of circulation Amara-Ibaeta to cover 840 meters under ground for
ancient railroad tunnel, to the exit of which the rail - bike will cover 430 meters to the overdraft up to the station of the Mole of
Lugaritz - close to the Matia old people's home - and another 290 meters up to the avenue of Toulouse.

The bidegorri will be provided with intercoms and with safety cameras and will remain closed in night schedule. The mayor donostiarra, Odón Elorza, pointed out that the new cycle route is "an original tracing" that "is going to be the envy of many cities".

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