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Hasiera> Berriak> 2007/06/07 DV. Pio XII eta Ategorrietako bidegorriak uztalian zehar irekiko will say. (gazteleraz)

2007/06/07 DV. Pio XII eta Ategorrietako bidegorriak uztalian zehar irekiko will say. (gazteleraz)

SAN SEBASTIÁN. DV. The new rail bike that will join the quarters donostiarras of Gros and Intxaurrondo, for the Old Roadway of Ategorrieta, and the one that will connect the walks of Errondo and Biscay, across the square of Pío XII, they will enter functioning throughout next month.

The councilman of Mobility, Ernesto Gasco, indicated in a press conference that next week asfaltará the first one of the mentioned stretches, by what it will be concluded by the end of June or beginning of July, while the cycle connection between the walk of Errondo and that of Biscay will be ultimada by «the middle or ends of July».

The first stretch will have his continuation the same year with the cycle connection between the avenue of Navarre and the Zurriola, for San Francisco and Segundo Izpizua, what it will allow to circulate in bike between Intxaurrondo and Gros. The second stretch will allow to join the walk Errondo with the bidegorri that Biscay passes parallel to the river for the walk.

Gasco reported in addition to that the works of reurban development to which there is being submitted the street Prim, which is executed «by apples» and has an amount for 1,5 million euros, will conclude by the end of October.

At the end of this month they will have finished the performances that are attacked now in the second apple on which it is operated - the one that goes from the street Moraza up to Larramendi - and by the beginning of September «more than 60 % of the street Prim will be re-urbanized», so that between August, September and October one will intervene in the last two apples.

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