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Aiete and Morlans will join across an exterior elevator along with the bidegorri of the tunnel. DV (28/05/09)

DV. Since there began to fight the possibility that the tunnel for which it was thinking up the Mole was transforming in the bidegorri Morlans-Ibaeta, Aiete neighbors requested the possibility that an elevator was enabled between Melodi and Morlans.
One spoke about an elevator that would pass for the interior of the proper tunnel, but the Mobility department discarded it, not only for the problems of technical difficulties that it was containing, but also for those of safety with regard to the cyclists.
Nevertheless, it remained clear that an elevator from Morlans could mean an important accessibility step between a high quarter and an area of the city as it is will Love, flat and connected without difficulties with the Center for the pedestrians, as well as with services of included public transport the Mole or with the different bidegorris.
The Friday government meeting will give the approval to the writing of the project for this exterior elevator designed by Sand and Associates. He will communicate the Melodi area, along with the Lazkao square, with the entry to the bidegorri, along with the viaduct of the road Amara-Ibaeta. The urban cyclists will be able to take this way the bidegorri of the tunnel to come up to Ibaeta or any of the tracings that divide from Amara Anoeta or Center.
The elevator will have special utility for persons with limited mobility and for pedestrians, who will be able to gain access to Amara and to Center without need to raise or to lower slopes.
The writing of the project of execution will cost 32.000 euros and debit to be ready in three months. At the moment, this elevator is not budgeted, although the work might begin the next year.

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