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DV. 08/10/08. The EU subsidizes with 3,6 million the sustainable mobility donostiarra

The European Union is going to subsidize with 3,6 million euros in
next four years the politics of sustainable mobility of
city. San Sebastian was choosing to the European program of helps Civitas
Bonus with the project Archimedes prepared along with Aalborg (Denmark),
Brighton (United Kingdom), Iasi (Romania), Monza (Italy) and Üsti Nad
Labem (Czech Republic), and the proposal has received I dress
good of
the community institutions that 60 % of the cost will support

measurements. During the next four years the city will lead at level
European the use of alternative fuels, and clean vehicles and
energéticamente efficient in the urban transport, and the strategies
to introduce forms of mobility less dependent on the vehicle

Of 26 million euros that will spend six integrated cities
in Archimedes, 16 will be supported by the EU, which valued the project
with the second biggest punctuation of the 36 presented ones. The agents
donostiarras of the project there will be the Town hall - departments of
Mobility and Promotion - Donostibus, the UPV - it will take part in a study
on the mobility in the campus - the Institute Vasco de Logística
- he will study an efficient distribution of the goods in
city -
and the environmental counsel gea21. The budget of
measurements to
to start is coded in 5.946.297 euros, of which the EU will be done
I load of 3.642.174 euros.
The initiative supposes activating and evaluating the results of one
certain number of measurements to improve the urban mobility from
the point of view of the energy efficiency, the decrease of the pollutant emission, the employment of alternative fuels,
increase of the road safety in the streets. «If the programs
they demonstrate his validity they will serve as reference to the politics that
the EU
it will set in functioning in average and long term», pointed out the councilman
Ernesto Gasco.

Between the measurements that the city will have to implement they are
rails saved for the public transport, the progress of the transport to the polygons, the creation of a network of parkings
disuasorios connected to the public transport, the enlargement of the network
of bidegorris and the impulse of the rent of bikes, or the putting in
it goes of programs of shared car.

Buses EEV

Also, the city will have to be to the avant-garde in the urban transport
with vehicles of high quality, capacity, more and more ecological and
more efficient energéticamente. A challenge for which San
Sebastián is
prepared - according to the manager of Donostibus, Gerardo Lertxundi - because
it does not start from the beginning. 100 % of the buses already uses biofuel
to 12 % - proportion that saves itself of diésel on having introduced one
fuel that comes from the recycling of secondhand oil-. In the next years it is foreseen to be increasing proportion is up to a level
way near to 50 %, told Lertxundi. But the big benefits
environmental they will come with the new engines that go to
to start to
to have the buses from ends of this year. Nowadays they have to
to fulfill the regulation Euro 4 of emission, in a little time the EU will demand
the Euro 5, but the fact is that by the streets donostiarras engines will be tested
EEV (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicles), vehicles with
more strict gas emission standard.
In the next years Donostibus reckons to be provided, also, of
hybrid vehicles-biocombustibles + electrical engine - that is for
where in the short term it seems that the environmental evolution will go
of the public transport - long-term the protagonist will be the hydrogen-. In fact, the Marrutxipi depots reckon
to be extended of underground form in the plot that exists opposite to the current one
building to lodge the dependencies that the fuel needs of
uturo. In the program Archimedes also the putting is included in
bus goes of rails, the development of a transport of high
capacity - route platforms of transport (rails bus) that allow major frequencies - and the extension of the demanding one
certification of
quality that today has the line 28 will Love Hospitals to other trajectories.

Civitas Bonus: Program of helps of the EU to promote sustainable urban transport systems. Archimedes: Project that San Sebastian shares with Aalborg, Monza,
Brighton, Iasi and Üsti Nad Labem.
Measurements: Starting of brokers of public transport, progress
of the mobility towards the polygons, creation of parkings
disuasorios, enlargement of the network of bidegorris, impulse of a public transport of high quality, use of ecological fuels,
buses with an important emisones reduction, and project of
hybrid bus.

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