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Entrusted a project that contemplates an elevator to communicate Aiete with Morlans

It is a question of joining Morlans with the high area of Aiete, with the area of Etxadi.
Cost: Once the department of Projects and Works prepares the project an economic estimation of the same one will be done to include a game in the budgets.
Pedestrian target: The elevator tries to facilitate the transit of the walkers from the Aiete hill to the flat area, especially for persons with limited mobility and the one that takes cars with babies.
Cycle target: The urban Aiete cyclists would tune in to the network of Amara and of the Ancient one.
DV. An elevator the Etxadi will communicate the low Morlans area with, in Aiete. The Mobility department has entrusted since there is prepared a project that evaluates the technical and economic possibilities of an elevator that allows to connect one of the hills of the city with the flat area of San Sebastian.
Once conclude the holiday period of this August, the department of Works and Projects will initiate the steps to capture this possibility that has been claimed both by neighbors of Aiete and by the PNV. The request of the spokesman of this group, Xabier Ezeizabarrena, faced especially to the cycle connection of Aiete with the rest of the network donostiarra, surprised the councilman of Mobility, Ernesto Gasco, who told that the municipal government thinks that this project is of absolute priority inside the second Plan of Accessibility that it is written.
In this one there will join most likely this elevator that, according to Gasco, not only is going to allow a connection between the Aiete bidegorris with those of Amara, but also he is going to suppose a substantial pedestrian progress for the high area of the first quarter.
«It enters inside this new Plan of Accessibility because it would allow a pedestrian connection between the high Aiete areas, from the ancient highway to Hernani with Amara. He supposes an alternative especially useful for the local community in general, but especially for those who have limited mobility or those who go with baby's prams».
Gasco emphasized also that this elevator that is going to be projected and that needs still an economic evaluation of his cost, allows a perfect connection of the networks of bidegorri of Aiete, which are not too much used, with those of Amara and, across these, with the center of the city. «Aiete, like other areas, is a hill, and that raises difficulties at the time of tackling his accessibility».
It is necessary to bear in mind, also, that the bidegorri that is going to cross the ancient tunnel of Euskotren, which Morlans is going to communicate with Igara, would allow, once come to the mouth of the tunnel in Amara, the urban Aiete cyclists to be able to tune in also to the area of Ibaeta, the University and the whole network of the Ancient one. «Once we have it and

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