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DV. 11/07/08. A new bidegorri stretch will surround the whole Irún square and will tune in to Banks

It is a simple work and of not many extension, but that will have his value for the full operation capacity of the set of the network of bidegorris. Especially for the neighbors of Banks of Loiola, which with the new connection go to have the first really functional cycle route towards the center of the city.
Till now the residents were turning out to be the new quarter poured out to use the bidegorri of the walk of Zorroaga who was leading them up to Anoeta, if they wanted to find a completely signposted cycle route and balizada. The stretch approved by the Town hall will make real the direct internal connection between Banks and will Love Osinaga. When the walk of the river is reached, another bidegorri will connect Loiola and will Love along with the Urumea.

Avenue of Barcelona

The red asphalt develops at present for the avenue of Barcelona and enfila for Gregorio Ordóñez towards the square of Irún - rotunda where the shopping center Arcco is-. But the circulation is interrupted in the last apple. The project written by Eraiki, settles this intermittence and ends up joining the cycle route that comes from Banks with the Amara heart.
The new stretch will pass, in principle, for the median of the avenue Gregorio Ordóñez, although there is the second alternative, which is the one that it might materialize when there is awarded the work, which the bidegorri consists of supporting for the left sidewalk - clinging to the shopping center-. Why? Because it comes for this side from the avenue of Barcelona and because it is foreseen that in the future continues for this side in the avenue Elizabeth II. Really, the Department of Mobility is already employed at this extension that will allow to introduce the cycle asphalt for the interior of everything It will love up to the walk of Errondo, a bidegorri that will exploit all his potential when the ancient Morlans tunnel is enabled.
The Irún square is penetrated today by the bidegorri that covers the whole street Whalers. With the new project and the future route of Elizabeth II, the square will turn into a cycle rotunda that will distribute the bikes tráficos well towards Banks, towards Anoeta, towards the river, or towards Errondo.

Less OTA squares

To 'embrace' the Whalers bidegorri, the new cycle stretch will be planned by the perimeter of the roadway. This will have to expand some sidewalks stretches and to suppress up to 14 squares of parking of commercial OTA. Flanking the bidegorri stretch between Toribio Alzaga and Balleneros has designed to himself an area of parking of motorbikes, which also will be supported in the end of the median of Gregorio Ordóñez.
The bidegorri will have a 2,40 meters width and it is believed that the term of execution will be eight weeks. Before the low budget of the works-88.318 euros - it has been decided in favor of a tender restricted to three or four companies to decide the awarding. The works might begin in September to conclude at the end of October.

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