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08/09/17. Trintxerpe will be the starting point of a march in bike for Oarsoaldea

The march will start at 10.00 hours, from Trintxerpe, to cover all the municipalities of the region and to conclude towards the 12.30, in the Arditurri mines. The participants will cross the motorboat of San Pedro to Donibane and will continue his itinerary in direction of Lezo, Errenteria and, finally, Oiartzun.
Those who lack bike will have the opportunity to rent one free in the points that will be enabled to that end along the trip. In Pasaia, these points will be located, at 10.00 hours, in the square of the Tenancy of mayoralty of Trintxerpe; to the 10.10, in the rotunda of the pediment of San Pedro; and to the 10.30, in the Donibane rotunda, along with the thermal power station.

Punctual Spanish Parliament
The organizers of this cycle march have reported that during his celebration punctual courts will be realized in diverse highway stretches. These will produce from the Tenancy of Mayoralty of Trintxerpe up to the point where the motorboat is in San Pedro, of Donibane to the thermal one, of the thermal one to Kale Nagusia of Lezo, of Kale Nagusia to Gurutze Santuaren square, and from Gurutze Santuaren square to themselves to the square Euskal Herria.
Later, opposite to the semaphore of the rotunda of Altamira, the highway to raise to Altzate and the entry of the variant direction Oiartzun also they will turn out to be affected.
There will no be only routes in which the rolled traffic proceeds to be paralyzed. In Errenteria, the cuts will be carried out in the stretch of highway that there divides the bidegorri that goes from the Renfe station to the Niessen rotunda; the highway of the square Fernández Landa, the street Santa Clara and the rotunda of Santa Clara.
Finally, in Oiartzun, one would treat as the stretch of the avenue Rafael Pikabea who divides the bidegorri, from the above mentioned point to the quarter of Altzibar, the stretches of bidegorri cut by the highway that Fortaleza goes from Altzibar to the restaurant, the highway stretches between the crossing of Fortaleza and the mines of Arditurri that divide the bidegorri.
Also, to the persons who take part in the activities of the Week of the Sustainable Mobility of Oarsoaldea delivery of the leaflet will be done to them desplegable to move you, common sense, with the schedules of regional public transport as well as of the network of bidegorris of Oarsoaldea.

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