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The cyclists have from today of a record of bicycles to facilitate his recovery

DONOSTIA. The Town hall donostiarra announced yesterday that from today the holders of a bicycle will be able to inscribe it in the new municipal record opened in the dependencies on Traffic of the street Urdaneta and for the one that will be necessary to contribute the information of the driver of the vehicle as well as the number of picture. Also, they presented a new device, which works already in Barcelona, to dissuade the thieves. The element is free in seven commerce at the cost of 19 euros.
The councilman of Mobility, Ernesto Gasco (Spanish socialist party), told that the municipal bicycles record is free and chases to create a list with all the information of these vehicles so that, in case they are stolen, they could be recovered and identified by major facility. For his part, the device to the sale, named Bicitronic, offers an added marking and implies that the information of the bicycle is included also in the municipal record, as well as in other of computer type, in which they represent also numerous bikes of Barcelona.
Last year, the Municipal Guard donostiarra registered more than 400 denunciations for bicycles thefts, although the real number supposes that it is much major. The difficulties to recover the bicycles do that many users victims of the thefts do not present the corresponding denunciation, as admit the municipal persons in charge. From now on, the municipal record reinforced with the information of Bicitronic, will facilitate the location and recovery of these vehicles.
To sell the bicycles inscribed in the record it will be necessary to contribute a copy with his information.
BICITRONIC The device Bicitronic, as told Manel Membrado, representative of the company that commercializes it, it offers to the authorities the direct access to the owners of the bicycles, therefore it facilitates his identification. It is composed by a sticker made with an adhesive that cannot be destroyed without being broken and of very difficult extraction. This sticker has the number of record engraved in laser, by what the registration cannot be erased. To eliminate the sticker without leaving track it is needed nearly one hour.
The device is completed by a screw, in which it represents the same number of record, prepared in stainless steel with a layer of nitride of titanium - aluminum. The serial number is printed by laser, by what it cannot be erased either. Also, the time of elimination of this screw can be two hours. "It is clear that the thief will prefer to steal a bike that lacks this device", told Membrado.
The shops in which these elements sell are Luma, in the square of the Armories; Jaia, in Carlos I; Decathlon, in Belartza; It will love Bike, in Toribio Altzaga; Miner, in the street Patrols; Alai, in avenue of Madrid and Trailers Oiartzun, in the locality of the same name.

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