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08/09/23. DV. "Air garbia denontzat" (gazteleraz)

The European Week of the Sustainable Mobility finished yesterday with the Day without my car. From the last Tuesday, the Town hall of San Sebastian has tried to make aware the donostiarras so that they make use of the public transport and that they leave the car in his houses, since it is a very polluting element for the environment. For it, they have organized themselves during the whole week, activities related to the ecological mobility, as well as walks and healthy breakfasts, and courses of road safety or of basic mechanics for bicycles. And to finish, yesterday there was a snack and share-out of gifts in the walk of La Concha to reward those who were following the advices.
For the biggest, persons in charge of choosing the way of transport of the smallest, during the week organized routes for Ulía accompanied by a healthy breakfast, and also courses of road safety have been given for motorcyclists in Sagüés, between other activities. Urko Gurmendi, monitor of the course, admits that «it has been the whole success, the people have been pleased and they were asking for more hours of class». The target of this course has been that the motorcyclists and the future drivers of motorcycles are responsible drivers and that respect to the rest of vehicles. «There have come many people who wanted to walk in motorbike but who was scaring him. Here we have taught them how they work and have managed to take confidence as to try», mentions Urko.

To learn to walk in bike

Other one of the activities star has been the course to learn to ride bicycle. This short course will be extended until Friday, and already from May the quota for the classes was covered. A whole of 32 persons, of whom only two are men, with a life expectancy of 52 years, has cheered up to learn to walk in bike. Gerarta, one of the monitors, admits that «it helps the people very much, they take confidence. Without these courses the people of this age would not cheer up to learn to walk in bike...».
On the other hand, and so that the children also become aware of the importance of the ecological mobility, there was organized for the students every morning Tipi Ttapa, an activity that was consisting of the orientation and mobility for the city.
Clean air for all is the slogan with which this campaign began, and at least during this week slightly cleaner it has been. Now, to hope that all the activities should yield his fruit and that the campaign to raise public awareness for a healthier ambience should have drawn between the donostiarras.

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