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1/11/2008 DV Amara-Ibaeta lotuko dituen bidegorria egiten hiru hilabetetan hasiko will say

The publication last Tuesday in the Official Bulletin of the Basque Country of the contest to make this infrastructure real means the exit gunshot for a few works that seemed that they were never going to begin. As told the director of Infrastructures of the Department of Transports, Mirari Arruabarrena, the opening of sealed envelopes of this contest is fixed for February 15, the awarding will take place one month later and the beginning of the works is foreseen for April. The works have an initial term of 11 months, which one might reduce according to the commitments that the winning company of the contest undertakes, therefore the bidegorri will be in functioning, as much late, in March of next year.

It is not a question of an any bidegorri. His principal target is to join two quarters that theoretically are very next, but that the orography removes greatly. To pedal from Amara up to the Ancient one, Sale Berri and Ibaeta nowadays only is necessary to give a big detour for the walk of the Conch or rise and lower the Aiete quarter. This project will make possible a practically flat cycle trip - the trains can only raise ligerísimas earrings - and will allow to communicate both areas in little more than five minutes.

The new cycle route will open the whole possibilities fan increasing the value of the set of the network of bidegorris since, for example, it will allow the direct communication between Añorga, It will love and Loiola, or that of the future quarter of Martutene, Txomin and Banks of Loiola with the campus of the UPV.

Almost two kilometers

This rail - bike will have almost two kilometers long between the walk of Errondo - at a height of the church of the Sacred Family - and the avenue of Toulouse - in the Errotaburu rotunda-. From the lot where the ancient Factory of Gas was located, the bidegorri will go along 400 meters along the current quarter Morlans even embocar, under the viaduct of circulation Amara-Ibaeta, in the railroad tunnel. This ancient tracing is 840 meters long, 3,5 meters wide and more than 5 meters high. To the exit of the tunnel, the rail bike will cover 430 opencast meters up to the current station of the Mole of Lugaritz - at a height of the old people's home - and another 290 meters up to reaching the bidegorri of the avenue of Toulouse, in Errotaburu.

At the entry and exit of the tunnel there will be placed doors that will block the way during the night to avoid irregular establishments in the route. The tunnel will be usable only for cyclists, not for the pedestrians, and the safety will be guaranteed by means of cameras.

The works will condition the set of the tunnel, will eliminate moisture, will reinforce the vault to avoid detachments, will place lighting and asfaltaran the road surface. One of the last modifications got in the project consists of a detour of the ditch of Bera Bera to avoid encharcamientos in the bidegorri, and the construction of a communication up to the tunnel in use of the current railroad variant to have an emergency route.

After years of delays and of clashes between Town hall and Basque Government for the transfer of this tunnel, the final agreement to carry out the bidegorri was reached last October between the adviser of Transports, Nuria López of Guereñu, and the mayor, Odón Elorza, who considers this bidegorri to be an intervention star, pioneer in Spain on the subject of Mobility. Both institutions finance to 50 % the cost of the project.

As soon as the works were executed, Euskal Trenbide Sarea will transfer to the municipality the use like bidegorri of the tunnel, and the Town hall will assume the cost of the maintenance, the safety, and the repair of the damages that take place, as well as the responsibility before incidents or accidents for the public use of t·

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