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I study in the UPV-EHU prepared by the Observatory of the Bicycle

The OBSERVATORY of the Bicycle of Donosita-San, collaborating in this occasion with the University of the Basque Country, has prepared a course inside the Program of University extension of the above mentioned university, for the 12th to March 16, from 5 to 8 of the evening, with a whole of 15 hours of duration, which supposes 2 academic credits for the pupils who take part in this course. The term of registration is already opened.

The program of the course is the following one:

1. The Transport and the Sustainable Mobility
2. The bike as alternative of mobility. European experiences
3. The Agreement of Mobility and the Cycle Network in Donostia-San.
4. Road safety. The Observatory of the Bicycle
5. Autorreparación workshop

With this course one tries to initiate the university students who wish it in the problems related to the mobility and the motorized traffic, his incidence in the physical and psychic health of the citizens, as well as his global aftereffect in the atmospheric deterioration and other impacts derived from the occupation of the soil and division of the territory in the construction of road infrastructures. There are already known to all the serious consequences of the massive use of the fossil fuels, for his emission of CO2, in the greenhouse effect. The same way there will be exhibited the possibilities of the bicycle as healthy and respectful urban vehicle with the environment, his reality in our city, etc.

The Observatory of the Bicycle is an instrument created between the association of urban cyclists KALAPIE and the Town hall of Donosita-San to facilitate and to improve the conditions of use of the bicycle in the city. One of his functions is to propose and to encourage initiatives that promote the use of the bike as way of transport. This course, fruit of the collaboration established with the UPV-EHU, is one of the initiatives that the Observatory begins to realize


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