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6/20/2007 DV. Euskotren transfers the ancient Morlans tunnel to transform it in bidegorri

The works will begin the same year to tune in It will love and Ibaeta in bike for a flat tracing of almost two kilometers long The Basque Government and the Town hall will sign shortly the agreement

SAN SEBASTIÁN. DV. The council of administration of Euskotren has approved the transfer of the ancient railroad tunnel of Morlans to turn it into a completely flat bidegorri that tunes in It will love and Ibaeta. Not for waited the news caused less satisfaction yesterday in the Town hall. Two years it has been difficult to materialize a step, which when the work is executed will allow to connect in 10 minutes the walk Errondo with the Errotaburu square.
The tunnel belonging to the ancient railroad line Donostia-Bilbao, is 840 meters long and it stayed in desuetude with the construction of the railroad south variant of Donostialdea and the opening of the station of Lugaritz. The Department of Transports and Public works of the Basque Government demanded the formalization of an agreement with the Town hall for his transfer, a document that the municipal government already approved and that Euskal Trenbide Sarea has just ratified.

The new cycle stretch will have almost two kilometers long between the walk Errondo - at a height of the Sacred Family - and the avenue of Toulouse - in the Errotaburu rotunda-. His construction will allow to lubricate the cycle network of the city and will facilitate direct trips in bike between, for example, Añorga and will Love, Loiola and the campus of the UPV or the Ancient one and Banks of Loiola.

From the ancient Factory of Gas, the bidegorri will go along approximately 400 meters along the current Morlans - in three years it will do it for a new tracing that will show for the emergent quarter - up to embocar in the tunnel located under the road of circulation Amara-Ibaeta. This ancient railroad line is 840 meters long in a practically flat trip.

The works of conditioning will demand to eliminate the moisture of the vault and the walls of the tunnel, asfaltar the road surface, to place the pertinent lighting and to arrange a system of videovigilancia that will be controlled by the Municipal Guard. To the exit of the tunnel, the rail bike will cover approximately 430 opencast meters up to the current station of the Mole of Lugaritz - at a height of the old people's home - and another 290 meters up to reaching the bidegorri of the avenue of Toulouse, in Errotaburu.

Closed in the night

At the entry and exit of the tunnel there will be placed doors that will block the way during the night, in a flextime as the stations, to avoid irregular establishments in the route. The tunnel will be only usable for cyclists, not for the pedestrians.

As soon as they marry the agendas of the adviser Nuria López de Guereñu and of mayor Odón Elorza the agreement will be signed and seguidamente there will go out to tender the works of construction of the bidegorri. These steps will extend approximately 4 months and the works might last between 6 and 8 months, with what the bidegorri might be a reality next summer, as told yesterday the councilman of Mobility, Ernesto Gasco.

The project has been chased intensely by the mayor, Odón Elorza, who it considers «a project covers with stars, only one in Europe». Gasco told, also, that this new bidegorri is framed to the perfection in the municipal strategy of advancing in the "segregation" of the network of bidegorris with regard to the pedestrian ambiences and the routes of circulation rolled «so that the cyclists have their own circulation rails and there are avoided the inevitable problems that arise when coexistence areas get ready».

The agreement of transfer of the tunnel leaves all the responsibility for his use like bidegorri in the Town hall, who will assume in its entirety the reshaping and maintenance of this ancient iron route. Euskotren reserves the future recovery of same and his use like emergency exit of the current tunnel or of the future variant of goods of Amara.

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