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DV. 3/24/2009. The Mons walk will have two rails less to reduce the speed of the traffic,

DV. The Plan of Road Safety of Intxaurrondo confronts now his second phase, which has to do with the Mons walk. The works, which have a cost for 276.212 euros, began yesterday and they will suppose the elimination of one of two roads of increase and of one of two roads of descent.
Thirty new parking squares will be created also, since along with one of the sidewalks the parking in convierte line in parking lot in battery. The works will serve also to reach the connection in bidegorri from South Intxaurrondo to Gros, since there is generated a rail bike of half a kilometer between the top Mons rotunda, that of the current Depots, and that of the walk of Zarategi.
The target of these measurements is, as in the rest of the Plan of Road Safety for this quarter, to diminish the transit speed in all the highways of entry to the quarter. The councilman of Mobility, Ernesto Gasco, remembered that this is one of the requests of the neighbors and that it has been agreed by them. «The cars or the motorbikes cannot take these roads as if there were a divided highway, because it is a question of an urban plot».
Gasco qualified yesterday the works of Mons like «one of these works that are tackled and that has to do with the progress of the quality of life of a quarter, in this case of Intxaurrondo». They will be ready in three months and it is not foreseen that have special complaints to the rolled traffic of the area.
The new walk
The works there include the stretch understood between the streets Fernando Sasiain and the walk of Zarategi, an area especially difficult for the speed that the vehicles reach.
In this moment, the walk of Mons is provided with two circulation rails in both senses. It will happen to have one up and other down, what will facilitate the pedestrian tránsitos and will improve the safety of the crosswalks.
Gasco clarified that the sidewalks are not extended, but with complementary performances that are going to benefit cyclists and the public transport. And whom they want to park in the area, since in the direction to the Zarategi walk and up to reaching the square of Pablo Sorozabal, the current parking in line will happen to be in battery, cattle these thirty squares of parking announced yesterday by Gasco.
In the descent sense towards the Depots of the Company of the Tramcar, of circulation it will pass one of the current rails to the creation of a bidegorri of half a kilometer that, across the exitente in the Old Roadway, Intxaurrondo will connect with the cycle Gros network.
In the Plan of Road Safety believe bus stops extending the roadway, so that he insures himself a better accessibility to the persons with mobility difficulties. «This measurement not only favors the users of the public transport, which is an important question but also he supposes one more measurement so that the traffic is calmer for the area, to avoid the excessive speed and to humanize everything what is this Intxaurrondo walk».
The project contemplates a modification of the current crossings, improving this way the drafts, especially for the bus.
With regard to the period, the works began yesterday in the increase sense towards the Zarategi walk. «As soon as this stretch was executed it will be begun by that of descent, by the construction of the bidegorri». This one, also, will have direct connection with the future halt of Euskotren that is going to be constructed in the quarter.

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