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Exhibition "Move Together"

The above mentioned project centers on the campaign to raise public awareness of the citizens of the investigation of the EU of the sustainable transport in the urban environment. The target is to announce the facts of this investigation demonstrating so the results, if they are applied in our city, can help to achieve a more sustainable urban transport, that is to say, surer and efficient, and less pollutant. Finally, a way of better transport for the environment and that improves the quality of life.

With this initiative one thinks about how to achieve that more responsible decisions are taken, trying a minor use of motorized private vehicles. For it, it is fundamental to create a climate of open dialogue and of confidence between the experts who are in charge of studying and applying the solutions to achieve a more sustainable mobility in the city, but also with the citizens who possibly are affected of this decision making. One thinks about how to encourage a major use of alternatives of collective transport, including all form of public transport, to share the motorcar, etc. and/or a major acceptance of the restrictions for the free individual use of vehicles of private ownership when it is necessary.

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