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08/02/08. DV.La Municipal Guard got eight denunciations in one year for bikes outrage to pedestrians

San Sebastian. DV. The influence of the increasing use of the bicycle in the urban traffic is small if one attends to the siniestralidad. The information of the department of Traffic indicates that, from September, 2006 until September, 2007, 80 accidents related to cyclists took place. Of them, the immense majority they had to do with different crashes with motorized means, (cars or motorbikes) and only 8 with pedestrians.
The councilman of Mobility, Ernesto Gasco, did publics yesterday these numbers that, as he said, «there dismantle the myth on constant accidents between bikes and pedestrians who want to feed some». Eight denunciations for damages provoked by a cyclist opposite to a walker, none of them for serious injuries, are a very scarce «number» if it is born in mind that the average of daily trips in bicycle, between 9.000 and 10.000, which add more than 3 million annual displacements.
The information, according to Gasco, indicates also that most of the accidents in which the bicycles have to do takes place with cars or motorbikes, in one year in which the siniestralidad was especially high with five mortal outrage for motorized vehicle and more than four hundred statements in which this type of transports had to do opposite to the eighties of the bicycles.
«In spite of everything it, we call again for the respect the pedestrian, who is the one that has priority on the rest. In the street it is the one that has to be surer».
The thefts
But if the cycle siniestralidad does not seem alarming to the experts, yes it it is the bicycles theft in the city, that keeps on supporting a high percentage and that is a motive of continuous complaints on the part of the users of the city. They exist in these moments 5.000 aparcabicis in the streets, a high number, although insufficient in summer. And the Municipal Guard has registered during the last year 500 thefts of these vehicles. All this although there has been started the Record of Bicycles, which principal target is to encourage that these do not disappear.
Gasco did not contribute concrete percentages with regard to how many of the bikes they had his number and identification screw included, although yes he said that less. What yes he affirmed is that the Municipal Guard has recovered 153 of 500 removed bikes, 25 %, and that between these yes they predominate clearly over those who are in the Record, since the task of the agents is facilitated, «that certainly is laborious in this topic».
«In these moments we are about thousand o'clock, and practically every day someone registers, the dripping is constant». And those who move back from the public routes because they are left? According to the calculations of proper Ernesto Gasco they range between the 150 and the 200 a year.

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