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Defined the stretch of bidegorri that completes the tracing between Intxaurrondo and the Zurriola


SAN SEBASTIÁN. DV. The cycle connection that was missing for defining between Intxaurrondo and Gros will pass for the avenue of Navarre, San Francisco and Segundo Izpizua, before connecting with the rail bike of the Zurriola. The project will be approved in the morning by the municipal government.

The stretch has the importance of completing and of giving continuity to the bidegorris network up to the Depots of the Company of the Tramcar and allows to tune in, therefore, in bike Intxaurrondo Viejo to the set of the city, as told the councilman of Mobility, Ernesto Gasco. At present there is in tender phase the stretch that will pass for the Old Roadway of Ategorrieta and that will avoid the cyclists to have to share with the pedestrians the sidewalk of the avenue of Ategorrieta or circular letter along with the cars in this dangerous roadway.

What was not clear is where it would think up the tracing as soon as the avenue of Navarre was reached. With regard to foreseen a few months ago, the project has been modified to avoid the street Secundino Esnaola, where to introduce the rail - bike was demanding to eliminate numerous parking squares.

The trees, in way

The bidegorri will have in the avenue Navarre two rails, one in every sense, which they will think up separated leaving in way the current trees tier. One of the rails will be constructed, therefore, on the ctual sidewalk and other will be realized gaining space to the roadway. The tracing will have to displace seven lampposts and to eliminate a bus stop without service.

On having crossed the avenue up to the ambulatory one, the bidegorri will have to move forward a few meters the stop of bus and of taxi that exists in this sidewalk up to the meeting with the street Secundino Esnaola, where the existing motorbikes parking will be reorganized.

The circulation of the cicilistas by the sidewalk of the house of culture Oquendo will be protected by stainless steel bollards, while in the sidewalk of the ambulatory one they will be of plastic and of green and white color.

The cyclists will continue that his march for the peatonalizada should keep silent about San Francisco, good for continues for this street up to Columbus, or to continue towards the Zurriola for Segundo Izpizua. The construction of the rail bike for this street will take advantage to raise and to renew the set of the paving of the sidewalk that is in the deficient state. The parking of motorbikes located in the crossing with the odd ones of San Francisco will be suppressed.

After crossing the street Zabaleta, the bidegorri will be marked in the sidewalk with two ladrilleta lines up to meeting the one that passes for the avenue of the Zurriola.

After his tender and awarding, there will begin the works that reckon for term of approximately two months. The initial budget amounts to 149.603 euros, although his cost might be minor according to the offers that the companies present.

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