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Throughout these years Kalapie (association of urban cyclists / grasp) has come denouncing in his chats and bulletins, the fragility of pedestrians and cyclists at the time of circulating, making aware to the citizenship of which we are the weakest link of the whole chain of

The gravity of the problem is stated in the numbers of dead persons and injured men who take place not only in our ambience, but in everything
European Union. 8.000 pedestrians and cyclists lose the life and 300.000 turn out to be seriously injured men every year, in the highways and cities of Europe. Namely 15 % of the deaths that take place in Europe due to traffic accidents is pedestrians and cyclists.

The European parliament has just approved a set of norms that take as an object the protection of pedestrians and cyclists in the route
public, the reduction of the accidents with an engine vehicle, and between other measurements to demand the vehicles manufacturers you improve in
the design and in the construction of his new motorcars.

Nevertheless, as little the new technological measurements will serve if the drivers are not conscious, between other things, of the problem that supposes the speed. Recent studies demonstrate that the decrease of the speed would reduce substantially the number of outrage. This way a reduction of the speed of 40 % in the urban environment, he would have avoided 85 % of the accidents that take place in the cities.

We want to do so, a warning to all the drivers of vehicles, so that they moderate the speed, also to pedestrians and cyclists so that they circulate respecting the traffic norms, but especially, to the different public, local, regional, autonomic and state administrations, so that they are conscious of the problem, facilitate the sure circulation for our highways and cities, reduce and make to fulfill the speed limits in highway, and in the streets of villages and cities they implant stretches with 30 km / h maximum speed

We keep on protesting to the Statutory Delegation of Gipuzkoa that accelerates the development of the Plan of the Network of Cycle Routes of Gipuzkoa, which of solutions who avoid these tragic events, creating sure itineraries for cyclists.

Finally we want to send to the family of Alaitz Zudaire our condolences for his tragic death.

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