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Hasiera> Berriak> 08/09/23. DV.Orainarteko Donostiako bizikleta mailegu zerbitzu publikoko 5 geltokiek 40 edo 50 izatera bihurtuko will say datorren urtean (gazteleraz)

08/09/23. DV.Orainarteko Donostiako bizikleta mailegu zerbitzu publikoko 5 geltokiek 40 edo 50 izatera bihurtuko will say datorren urtean (gazteleraz)

The public service of loan of bicycles has not stopped growing in number of subscribers since it was implanted in January. Week a week, there has increased the number of donostiarras that has extracted the pertinent txartela up to coming to the current 1.335. There are only five stations and 100 bikes, but his success has been undoubted what it has taken to the persons in charge of Mobility to decide the achievement of a new public contest for the management of an extended service that will have 400 ó 500 bicycles and that of five delivery points and collection of cycles will spend to 40 ó 50 the next year.

The councilman Ernesto Gasco told that his department has already a draft of the specifications of the contest that will be thrown in a few months. The system will be similar to the current one. That is to say that will be the company that manages the laying of the new canopies of the bus stops - and the publicity that is inserted in these spaces - the one that will assume to his charge the maintenance of the service of loan of bicycles, so called D bizi. The company that deals today with this task, Cemusa, assumes this function at present without any cost for the city. But now when it has been decided to extend the loan with more bicycles and more stations, extending it to the whole city, - he will suppose a major cost to the concessionaire - a public contest will be summoned to choose between those who want to bid for both services.
The panorama will change substantially. The current service is considered to be almost a pilot experience since only those who live close to the-Boulevard stations, campuses of Ibaeta, Pío XII, Segundo Izpizua and Station of the North - can benefit. But to place 40 ó 50 stations of loan of bicycle for the whole city supposes the definitive extension of the system, which will come up to Loiola and Martutene, Añorga and Intxaurrondo, as indicated the Mobility councilman.
And the annual maintenance of every bike costs approximately 3.000 euros, fundamentally in labor. The Town hall will try that the new service does not bear municipal expense: the concessionary company will have to assume the maintenance cost, and there is studied also an increase of the price of the fertilizer - the current 12 euros per year are a symbolic price to impel the system - together with other formulae that might combine the fertilizer with the payment of a quantity for every use - today the first 60 minutes they are free-.
Gasco told that, at the moment, it is written in dialogue form by the Delegation so that, if it is possible before end of year, they could be placed, financed with statutory money, three new stations and 50 more bicycles. The compensation that will obtain the Delegation of his 200.000 euros will be that the Lurraldebús users - the inter-city buses - will be able to use the bicycles with his current cards, a question that causes technical problems that it is necessary to solve. These stations will be located in the square of Gipuzkoa, the square Easo and at the station of Euskotren de Lugaritz - between Bera Bera and Errotaburu-.
The use of the bicycles of rent has gone in similar ascent the number of subscribers was increasing, although it has not stopped 'exploiting' for the still limited number of stations. The advantages for the users are clear: it is not necessary to have a place at home to keep the bike and you forget the maintenance. The vehicles have light, stamp, change of 8 speeds, basket to deposit what you take above and padlock.
The service was designed so that the bikes were using for the daily tasks - to work, to do negotiations, to go to the University or to realize small buys - differently from the playful employment of the bike the weekends. Of 26.321 uses of the bikes of rent that were realized between January and ends of August, 50 % was of a minor duration of 15 minutes and 95 % was less 60 minutes. One of the most revealing information of the profile of the user is that 51,6 % of the subscribers has between 40 and 60 years and there is 10,2 % of cyclists of D bizi that it has more than 60 years.

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