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Advices against the theft

As the presence of bicycles grows and his use normalizes, the bicycles thefts are more and more common, but often they are avoidable if we take sufficient accident control measures. For example, there exist numerous opportunists who increase the thefts statistics. They devote themselves to thefts to which it is not necessary to dedicate too much time or effort. Substraen the bicycles that take closings easy to break or parts of the bike (wheels and saddles) without tying or with rapid closings. Since we have said, they are numerous and annoying, but often they are the easiest to avoid with the advices that we give you. The combination of the place of parking, the way of tying the bike and the type of closing that you use will make it more difficult and you will go calmer for the city.

1. Buy to yourself a good closing.

ClosingsImage of three closings on that they comment: "u" rigid, he whistled, spiral
A good closing, the best friend of the bicycle.

  • He thinks about the closing as if it was a part of your bicycle
  • It uses the most resistant. For more information, you can ask for advice in your habitual commerce
  • The most advisable are those of high quality of type "U" rigid (as in the drawing). Unfortunately, these have turned in essential. The "python" and the spirals of different grosores or the chains can serve like secondary closings for wheels and saddle.

2. He watches where you leave it.

He watches where you make her parked.

  • He tries to leave the bicycle in view of the whole world.
  • It uses the parkings of bike which the city has.
  • If you do not find a parking, use a fixed point.
  • In the night, he tries not to leave it in the street.
  • Raise it to house.
  • He speaks with the neighbors to have it in the cuartito of the stairs or to put a parking.

3. He keeps the buy invoice and personalizes the bicycle

In case they steal the bike from you, it turns out to be very useful to have a document that endorses the property of the same one.

  • When you should buy a new bike, he asks for an invoice with the descriptive information of the bike.
  • When you sell a bike or buy the second-hand one, we advise you to refill and sign a buy / sale contract.

Do to him a personal, hidden and resistant mark, to facilitate more his identification.

4. Tie it bién and always

Bicycle schemeIt shows the correct position of the closings in the bike

  • The padlock happens for the picture, the fixed point (parking, road sign, lamppost, etc.) and the front wheel.
  • If the padlock does not go so far as to take everything, it ties preferably the picture to the fixed point.
  • It uses the second padlock to tie the front wheel and the small one for the saddle.

Tie it always, although it is only a minute: Be able to be enough time so that they steal it from you!

5. It aims at the information that they should identify to your bicycle

Scheme bikeWhere is the numeration of the bicycle? The most common place is under the box of the pedalier. most of the bicycles they have this numeration, which is different for each of them.
Where is the numeration of the bicycle?
The most common place is under the box of the pedalier. most of the bicycles they have this numeration, which is different for each of them.

It completes the card of your bicycle and encloses a photo:

  • Mark:
  • Model:
  • I fit: High bar / low Bar
  • Color fitted:
  • N. with series o it marks personnel:
  • Type (BTT, city...):
  • Accessorios:
  • Other signs that identify it:

6. That to do if they steal the bike from you

It denounces the theft to the Municipal Guard.
It gives the biggest possible number of information of the bicycle, the photo and the circumstances of the theft. If you have invoice, enclose a photocopy.
Independently of that you recover or not it, it is very important to do the denunciation so that the police take conscience of the problem of the thefts of bicycles.

We recommend to you to go to the deposit of the Municipal Guard.

  • In the deposit there are the bicycles that recover the police departments.
  • You have to take, at least, the denunciation.
  • Also you can go, if you do not have the invoice of buy, the information of the bicycle and the numeration of the same one.

In Donostia, Duke of Bequests finds the deposit in the Walk, along with the Atotxa tower.

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