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Next kalapie spring excursion


Meeting point: 10:00h. opposite to Amara Plaza, in the square Pío XII.

This walk is directed especially to persons who do not have the habit of moving in bike.

Do not forget to take yourselves water, elementary hardware (hinchador, patches or camera of store...) and pea jacket.

To be able to take part in the excursion, call to sign up, to the following telephone number: 629 271 481 (of 20:00h to 21:00h).

Kalapie does not become responsible for the losses that they could incur or cause those who take part in the excursions during the achievement of the same ones. We recommend to you to sign an insurance of legal liability (many of the insurances of the hearth cover also this type of damages, or Kalapie offers you this insurance if you collaborate).

/ expert younger than 18 years they will have to take an authorization of his person in charge and / expert younger than 14 years they will always have to realize the excursion accompanied / grasped of one / to adult / adult that it / to tome to his charge.

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