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2007/11/11 NEWSPAPER OF NEWS. Kalapiek bidegorrietarako aurrekontua eskasa dela salatzen du (gazteleraz)

DONOSTIA. Kalapie, the association of urban cyclists of Donostia, criticized yesterday the "scarce" economic endowment that the budgetary project of the municipal government shaped by SPANISH SOCIALIST PARTY - USA, EB and Aralar contemplates for the bidegorris construction.

Three parties that agree the local Executive presented his budgetary project last Wednesday. It amounts to 420 million euros and, as he emphasized the mayor, Odón Elorza, it is a question of "more expansive" of the history of the city. Nevertheless, as showed Kalapie across a press release, "500.000 euros proposed" for the bidegorris network "they are absolutely insufficient to complete and to finish in this term the urban network of cycle routes, a commitment gathered in the agreement of government signed between the Spanish socialist party, Ezker Batua and Aralar".

In this sense, Kalapie affirms that "if it is wished that the foreseen network of cycle routes should be finished in 2011, it is essential to assure during the next years annual investments of, at least, 1,8 million euros. "We trust that the definitive proposal of municipal budgets for bidegorris increases up to coming to 1,8 millions. In case, opposite - thinks Kalapie - the municipal team will demonstrate that his promises with regard to the ending of the network of bidegorris were only false promises".


On the other hand, the PNV presented yesterday formally a proposal directed to the creation of underground parkings of bicycles. As emphasized the councilwoman jeltzale in the Town hall of Donostia, Mertxe Garmendia, cities as Vitoria have already facilities of this type, in which the user is provided with a card with which, across an automatic elevator, the bicycle remains parked. In his suggestion, the PNV requests that the Town hall prepares a survey between the holders of bicycles inscribed in the municipal record to determine the need of this type of parkings.

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