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Kalapie requests that there begin the works of the Bidegorri of Old Roadway of Ategorrieta [19-01-2007]

It is necessary that the works of the bidegorri begin of
Old roadway of Ategorrieta

More than three months since it finished the public information period
on the cycle connection across the Old Roadway of Ategorrieta and
we do not know the situation in which the project is.

For this motive we go to the Town hall of the city to urge him
to that the steps speed up so that this stretch of the cycle network
make real in the next months.

In the last years, San Sebastian has been provided with an infrastructure
for bicycles that it has made possible to turn to this vehicle in a way
of daily transport in the city. Nevertheless the cycle network has
an unequal development. The area East of the city is completely
disconnected of the set of the network of bidegorris.

The extension of the network from Gros towards Ategorrieta and Intxaurrondo is
fundamental to make possible that a high number of donostiarras could
to use the bicycle with a grade of sufficient safety.
current conditions (high thickness of motorized traffic, perception
of high risk on the part of the cyclists...) they do that many persons
circulate in bike along the sidewalks of the avenue of Ategorrieta causing
a damage to the pedestrians. These must not suffer for the modest rhythm
of growth that the network has had until now and that is not
capable of offering sure displacements to a significant part of

For it, we ask the government of the city to execute this stretch of
network and of the steps adapted for the extension of the cycle network to
eastern zone of the city.

In the mid term it is necessary to tune in to the Pasaia bay and to be able to facilitate
inter-city connections with the municipalities of Pasaia and Rentería.

In Donostia-San on January 13, 2007

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