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Hasiera> Berriak> 2007/09/24 NEWS OF GUIPUZKOA. Donostian alokatzeko 100 bizikleta jarriko dituzte hiriko 5 puntutan banatuta (gazteleraz)

2007/09/24 NEWS OF GUIPUZKOA. Donostian alokatzeko 100 bizikleta jarriko dituzte hiriko 5 puntutan banatuta (gazteleraz)

DONOSTIA. The Town hall will put at the disposal of the donostiarras a hundred of bicycles of loan that will be distributed in five points of the city. The service similar to the existing one in other municipalities, like Vitoria or Pamplona, will begin to work next November 1 as pilot experience.
The users will be able to withdraw the bicycles in the Boulevard, along with the Atotxa station, in Pío XII, in university campus of the UPV and in Gros, probably in a place near to the beach of The Zurriola, places in which the Town hall has verified that "the use of this way of transport is major", told yesterday the town councilor of Mobility, Ernesto Gasco, during the presentation of the model of bicycles of loan for Donostia.
In these enclaves, the citizens will find a few supports similar to the outstanding figures aparcabicis, on that the bikes will remain anchored. Along with them there will be located a machine of cancellation, which will allow to liberate the bicycle wished to make use of her. For it, the users will have to introduce a card and indicate the bike that they want to release. The anchoring system will be liberated and they will use the bicycle during the wished time. Later, they will be able to return it in the point in which they have taken it or in other of four places enabled for it.
The parkings will be preferably placed in the roadway, in spaces at present occupied by parkings for cars or motorbikes, and there will only be placed in the sidewalks "if there is no any more remedy", it advanced Gasco. The Mobility department tries, this way, to demonstrate to the citizenship that the bicycles must not compete with the pedestrians, but with other transport means.
His use will be free during the first half an hour, a sufficient time to connect any of the points of loan. Since then, the user will pay an euro for every hour, with "a maximum limit of three or four hours of use", mentioned the town councilor. Also, who prefer it will be able to pay a "annual quota for twelve euros" and, with this amount, "use the bicycles whenever they wish it" and during the time that they need, it added.
INFORMATIVE WEB The system, at first experimental, will begin with a hundred of bicycles that will be contributed by the company Cemusa, concessionaire of the development of the publicity in the thermometers and the canopies of the city. "If the result is ideal, it will be extended and will extend to more points of the city", it advanced Gasco.
In addition to acquiring the bicycles and installing the places of anchoring and the cancellation machines, Cemusa will have to take charge of the maintenance of the vehicles, as it reflects the agreement reached with the Town hall. "The maintenance cost is very high, because it is necessary to withdraw the bicycles every day and to verify his state", indicated the town councilor, who limited that there have been necessary "months of negotiations" to reach this agreement.
The elected bicycle model is identical to the one that is used in the Navarrese capital. It is a question of bikes of aluminum of the mark Orbea, "made of Gipuzkoa", of blue color and with eight speeds. All of them will be provided with front and rear foci, with stamp, as well as with a padlock that will allow to park them in any conventional aparcabicis of the city. Also, they will carry a rear basket to transport objects.
Gasco entrusted in "that the people respect these bicycles", that will rely on with a burglar-proof system that will make the thefts difficult. All of them will be identified also with a numeration system.
As for the users, they will be able to know across a web page the number of available units in each of the points, as well as the places free to park them in the rest of the city.

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