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To sight birds for Donostia in bicycle

As a berde-berdea activity, on June 6 at 9:45 we wait for you for the pupils of THAT, and accompanists, in the Kursaal to give beginning to a small return for Donostia, in bike, to see different types of birds.
We will try to learn to distinguish the aquatic ones of the arboreal ones, the males of the females, what they eat for the peak that they have, how they are called...

Then, in Cristina Enea, we will concentrate on some of the marvelous trees that shelter them.
Of course, extract the prismatic ones of the closet and bring them. We will put some telescope.

To be able to help you must sign up, since the squares are limited.
In this activity there will help to us SEO/BirdLife Donostia as experts in birds and Kalapie promoters of the use of the bike.
We wait for you!

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