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5th edition STREET ZINEMA

5th edition STREET ZINEMA. Post-modernist Audio-visual festival
From August 29 until September 29 (Donostia - San Sebastian).

For the fifth year in a row the audio-visual festival STREET ZiNEMA floods the cultural calendar of our city again with new audio-visual proposals and varied actions. But this time from the purest institutional and commercial independence, offering an atypical and innovative speech for the hierarchic local artistic production and the oppressor business of the juvenile cultures.

We take half a decade working to unmask the tentacles that operate from multinationals and corporatist companies us in order to end up by dominating as pasiv@s consumidor@s. And a lot of more time impelling and supporting without any lucre fortitude different alternative declarations in our territory. Sincerely we can admit that we are treated of fright and recovered of "thrusts ragpickers for the back".

Although our subversive attitude could seem contradictory, sincerely we think that the capitalism posfordista will end up by contributing positively to the development of different juvenile urban activities (skate, fixed-gear, street-art, toy-culture...) doing to us to overcome any attitude capitalized in favor of new liberating ways. For it, we join the phrase of our cartel of this year (work of the Costa Rican artist Aliadotony) claiming that: "God blesses to the consumerism"...

So from the deepest of our heart, we invite you to tod@s to to enjoy our programming in this one our 5th anniversary. We still have left a long way for covering... and our streets even keep many bends without discovering!

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