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Hasiera> Berriak> DV. 08/06/30. Bizikletaren alokairuak 860 harpidedun ditu eta 12.235 bidai egin dituzte (gazteleraz)

DV. 08/06/30. Bizikletaren alokairuak 860 harpidedun ditu eta 12.235 bidai egin dituzte (gazteleraz)

At the beginning of this year there was started the service of rent of bikes, 125 white and blue vehicles to which it is possible to gain access with the payment for twelve euros a year. It works the whole year across a card, rewards the trips of few duration and one has come in less than five months to 860 subscribers since on January 9 the first twelve interested parties were signing up.
Despite the success of the initiative, the councilman of Mobility, Ernesto Gasco, insists that the forecasts are more ambitious. At the moment, his department considers to summon a new contest the same autumn so that, tied to the publicity and laying of new canopies of bus, it would raise new stops and more vehicles. The town councilor realizes that the summer will be an epoch of test and also that the starting of more stations and bidegorris like that of Morlans, they will suppose a considerable users increase. In the new contest, the closeness to this rail bike that Ibaeta will cross from Amara even will be determinant to locate a new point.
Beyond the first experimental period in which only there worked the stops of Boulevard and Pío XII, in these moments there are five points of collection and deposit, these two that were the first ones, the lecture room building of the University, the square Secundino Esnaola in Gros and the station of the North.
The need to increase the number of points is one of the complaints of a few subscribers who, on the other hand and according to the reports of the department of Mobility, are satisfied enough with the results and the functioning of the system.
In his moment, the deputy of Transports, Arantza Tapia, made sure that the Delegation was involved in the service and that it would place three new points, one of them, with complete certainty in the Easo square, along with the station of the Mole. Everything indicates that the measurement will be implanted within a period of relatively brief time, throughout this year, and that others two stops will be located under the proper Delegation, in the Gipuzkoa square, and in the Lugaritz halt. Three points are strategic for the communication of the capital with the rest of the territory and it would be encouraged so the one who comes to Easo could take the rent bike to come to the beach of The Zurriola, for example.

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Since the service was started, one of the information that more has surprised his persons in charge is that what at first was looking like an initiative devoted to more young people, they are who have between 40 and 60 years those that better have received the system. If the share-out between men and women throws very similar percentages, 49,92 % they and 50,07 % they, the same does not happen in the ages.
Only a 1,96 % of those who use the rent bike has less than 20 years, curiously a low percentage that 12,40 % that the persons older than 60 years suppose. Between the 20 and the 40 they add 34,84 % of the users, while those who have between the 40 and 60 years are 51,28 %.
What are his principal doubts? Those related to the functioning of the system. And his suggestions that there increases the number of stations and of bicycles and that the schedule extends.
The Boulevard is the point of collection and deposit most used with a lot of difference, almost thousand uses on the following one in acceptance that is the station of Pío XII, 3.401 opposite to 2.523. Secundino Esnaola in Gros and the University they have similar uses, about 2.300. The station of the North is the point with minor acceptance, 1.889 quiet bikes.
Another fact studied by the department of Mobility has to do with the days of the week in which the service works of more active form. Since the initiative was appearing one emphasized that the vocation of the bikes of rent was not to give new free time options but, to offer another formula to come to the work or to the centers of study. And it seems that the target has been fulfilled. Every Sunday it is the day with less uses, 913, while there are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays, with more than 2.000 those who take the highest percentages.
Another fact that indicates also the fulfillment of this target is the duration of the trips. Twelve euros per year that recover allow a use with only one limit, which one does not pedal any more than one hour. The subscriber will be able to take the bike in any moment, but if it uses it more than one hour he will have to pay a supplement of an euro, three if there are two more. The majority they use less than one hour for displacements.

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