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Hasiera> Berriak> DV 2008/06/18. Morlans-eko tuneletik igaroko gives bidegorriko obrak hasik he will say (gazteleraz)

DV 2008/06/18. Morlans-eko tuneletik igaroko gives bidegorriko obrak hasik he will say (gazteleraz)

The workers of the company Galdiano, company that awarded the works with a budget for almost 2 million euros, have begun to desescombrar and to clean the interior of the tunnel the same week. Town hall and Department of Transports of the Basque Government, institutions that support to equal parts the cost of the works, are going to constitute the brief one a technical commission of pursuit of the works.
The tracing will pass for the railroad tunnel of, already in desuetude, line Bilbao-Donostia to his step along Morlans. The Town hall realized the project to transform this railroad trip into an urban cycle route, but an agreement was necessary with the Department of Transports of the Basque Government to conciliate also the interest of Euskal Trenbide Sarea (ETS), which wanted to use the tunnel as a route of evacuation or of emergency of the current railroad line in functioning that passes to scarce meters.
The bidegorri will have in whole almost two kilometers long between the walk of Errondo - at a height of the Sacred Family - and the avenue of Toulouse - in the Errotaburu rotunda-. From the lot where the ancient Factory of Gas was located, the bidegorri will go along 400 meters along the current quarter Morlans - when the new quarter is constructed it will get connected to his bidegorris network - even embocar, under the viaduct of circulation Amara-Ibaeta, in the railroad tunnel. This alley is 840 meters long, 3,5 meters wide and more than 5 meters high. To the exit of the tunnel, the rail bike will cover 430 opencast meters up to the current station of the Mole of Lugaritz, and another 290 meters up to reaching the bidegorri of the avenue of Toulouse. At the entry and exit of the tunnel there will be placed doors that will block the way during the night to avoid irregular establishments in the route.

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