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Death of a cyclist. Memory act and denucia before the Statutory Delegation

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Death of a cyclist

Bulletin that was read at once:

Unfortunately I am not writing on movies. It is not a question of the magnificent Barden movie. I write on tragic news, that it has moved us to all: to his wife, to the family, to the friends, and to the cyclists in general. Whenever a cyclist dies in the highway a chill covers the body to us. It has happened in Villabona, at the entry of the N-1 but it could have happened in any place and it could have happened to anyone that it takes his bicycle and tries to cover the highways of Guipuzcoa.

This time has touched Paco Arregi, who in addition to newly retired teacher, good husband and big friend, was especially a cyclist. How many hours enjoying for the highways: If they will speak the ports of Jaizkibel, Elosua, the Lammergeier...

But also how much fear is there we (have) spent on having entered Añorga or to times go out for Pasaia Cuántas habrás listened: "how do you dare to pass for rezola in bicycle?" or: "how many danger does the N-1 have", and you were answering: "I am not going to remain at home:".

This is the answer that we give all the cyclists when someone rises similar question to us. But also we ask: Is it that the cyclists we have not right to walk in bicycle? Cannot we enjoy the nature practising our favorite sport without staking the life?

From KALAPIE we take years denouncing that the accesses to San Sebastian in bicycle are a "danger of death", it is just as we come from Lasarte, from Pasaia or from Hernani. There are invested thousands of million euros in divided highways, freeways, highways, and a few thousands of euros haggle us to construct bidegorris or cycle routes for that we could journey without fear, practising a sport that we like, without contaminating, without bothering, without doing noise. The mouth fills us speaking about sustainable mobility, but we continue as always, organizing the road infrastructures according to the car, forgetting the pedestrian, the cyclist and the public transports.

I want to do from here a call to the institutions: that take conscience of which the cyclists we have right to use also the bicycle, we need urgently a Network of Cycle Routes of Guipuzcoa that allows to use the bicycle as a way of transport, sport or free time of sure and comfortable form. I ask to all the motorized vehicles them to take conscience of which the pedestrian and the cyclist we are the weakest elements of the whole chain, our daily practice makes us be conscious of the vulnerability and defenselessness that we suffer opposite to the vehicles to engine.

Finally, Paco, of many images that I have of you: teaching euskara, directing the studies headquarters, in the society... nevertheless, the image with which I will remember you will be pedalling on your bicycle. Bi gurpilen gainean segi aurrera

Higinio Otazu associate of the Association of Urban Cyclists K

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