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DV. 25/09/08. The use of the bike in the city increases 50 % in the last years

The report indicates that half of the trajectories that the donostiarras realize every day is distributed between those who are walking and who
they take the bicycle. The mobility has amounted to pedals of the 1,7 to
2,6 %, what it places to San Sebastian at the head of the cities
Spaniards but still very far from the European average (5 %) and at light years
of localities like Groningen (37 %), It will Iron (31 %), Munster (27 %),
Copenhagen (23 %), Strasbourg (15 %) or Zurick (12 %).

The work was entrusted by the Association of Urban Cyclists
Kalapie to realize a meticulous profile of the cyclist donostiarra,
to know his characteristics and also his problems. The method that
it used it was the achievement, between 12 and May 16 of this year, of
400 surveys on foot of street to citizens who were circulating in bike for
the city.

The men pedal more than the women and do it at different age.
It is one of the conclusions of the study since 58,5 % of
male is cyclists opposite to 41,5 % of females. The middle age of
those who move in bicycle he is 37,2 years old, although the men
they take the handlebar preferably between 41 and 50 years, while
between the women stand out those who are between 21 and 30 years old.

68,4 % of the cycle population resides in the central areas and
trowels of the city-Gros, It will Love berri, I center, Ancient and Egia-. Of
between the interrogated persons, 69 % works, 20,3 % studies and 5 % is
pensioner. The level of studies of the cyclists indicates that the half of
who move in bike - in the women the proportion rises to
62 % - have top studies (30,5 %) or Superiors of average grade
(22,5 %).

One of the problems that the cyclists express is the place where
they keep the bike. 28,5 % of the interrogated persons admits that he must keep the bike in a small place (17 %) or nothing (11,5 %) comfortable. The topic of
safety is a worry for the majority: 41 % declares that in
some occasion they have stolen the bike from him, and a similar proportion says
that one day has suffered damages due to vandalism. 23 % of
he has endured both situations to you polled.
In the 'debit' of the cyclists is the equipación of his bike: 51 %
he admits that he has not lights and 43 % that has no stamp.
women and the biggest persons are more reliable in these two
73 % of the cyclists uses the bike every day. Between the principal factors that influence not to take the bicycle, it stands out
climatology: 61 % admits that the bad weather is the circumstance
that more brakes him at the time of pedalling, followed by the problems for
to extract and to keep the bicycle (15,6 %).

The demonstration of which the bike is used for the daily tasks,
and not only for the free time, it is the recognition on the part of the cyclists of whom the principal motive of the trajectories with this way
of transport it is to come to the work (52,8 %) or to go to study (17,8 %).
Before using the bike for the principal motive of his
displacement, the cyclists show that they were moving on foot
42,8 %), in bus (28,3 %), in car (13,5 %) or in motorbike (7,3 %), of
that deduces that 20,8 % has replaced a way of motorized transport deprived by the bicycle.
Half of the cyclists believes that there are few parkings in
city. Of the bidegorris network there is valued the coexistence with the cyclists, the rapidity and serviceability of the tracings, and the length of
the trips. Between the worst thing valued: the connection with the quarters,
the intersections with the roadway - I reduced of sidewalk - and the signaling

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