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DV. 29.08.2008 The new elevator along with the Aquarium, which saves the difference between the Wharf and the New Walk, is already in march

PATRICIAN RODRÍGUEZ DV. Many onlookers are these days about the outskirts of the Aquarium. With a 1.600 kilos load and a few dimensions of 1500 x 2200 x 2100 mm, the attraction is not different that the new elevator that has been placed to save the level difference between the Wharf and the New Walk. After the phase of tests and the final examination, the elevator is ready for his functioning.
His cabin filled yesterday with visitors impatient to realize a panoramic trip on the Wharf. Once inside, the elevator 'speaker' indicates the closing door. The crystal plates allow to enjoy the conference during 16 seconds, what lasts the trajectory. On having come above, nearly twelve persons bend "been delighted". «It is the best thing that they could have done in this place», was mentioning a neighbor of the center. «I have friends who cannot raise stairs because they are major and the elevator has come to us brilliantly». And the fact is that the installation allows to save a 13 meters height and avoid 71 stairs that it is necessary to cross if it is preferred to be walking.
Many parents with children's prams made use of the going trip.: «Do you imagine how annoying it was to have to rise and go down with the sillitas for the stairs?». Josefi, who was accompanying his four-year-old granddaughter, was agreeing with the head. «Undoubtedly, to place an elevator in this stretch has been a wise move, as those who are placed in the city, which they have helped to many major people as me and you present yourself in wheelchair».
Urban scenery
Little by little, the elevators and escalators begin being part of the urban scenery and being constituted like a fundamental element of the mobility. The elevator of the square Martín Santos (Egia), that of Larratxo, projected in the street (Ancient) Aizkorri, between the quarter of Aiete and Morlans, the escalators of San Roque and Larratxo...
For the biggest persons as 76-year-old Julián and neighbor of the Old Part, these vertical elements are 'a mitigation' since «at these ages we are not for many trots and the legs slacken already». He mentions that it usually goes out to give short walks along the Port, «because I have the annoyed knee and till now it could not raise stairs».
The elevator is signposted by means of an indicative panel in four languages. His entry from the New Walk will be finished off by a canopy. It will work from 7 of the morning to eleven of the night, and a fence will prevent the people "from" 'slipping in' in the existing space between the elevator and the entry to the same one.
The structure that gets up along with the Aquarium is of stainless steel and the exterior closing has been realized by means of crystal plates dyed to offer a solar protection near to 50 %. Thus there is conceived a panoramic elevator glazed in his four faces, which allows the vision of the bay in his trip. His useful load performs 1.600 kilos and an aptitude to transport 21 persons simultaneously. The dimensions of the cabin are of 1500 x 2200 x 2100 mm.
One of the technical staff explains, while it puts the finishing touches, that «has been taken approximately three months in mounting it but it is necessary to bear in mind that it is a prototype, that is to say, that has been designed especially to place it in this space». In this sense, it aims that «the work has not been easy». First there was attacked the demolition of the existing housing in the place where the elevator has been placed. The place of the hollow demanded, also, to excavate and to empty 5 meters of rock up to the current level of the Wharf.
Works of reshaping
The work is linked to the enlargement of the new Palace of Mar, who will be a reality at the end of year, what the works of reshaping enter his final phase.
What months ago it was a provisional stairs surrounded with fences, scaffolds and material of work, it has transformed in a central stairs and new peldañeado together with the conditioning of the paving. Also there has been placed the new collection of waters of the central stairs, lighting, new banister and central rail. Also, the future museum will have a new entry to level of the Wharf that will avoid to have to raise only one step and the new door of welcome it will be an enclosure with a reception.
Undoubtedly, the arrival of the new elevator will facilitate the accessibility and the pedestrian displacements of the Wharf and his environment.

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