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Hasiera> Berriak> DV. 2008/11/23. Donostiako bidegorri sarean bizikletaz mugitzearen bi aldeak (gazteleraz)

DV. 2008/11/23. Donostiako bidegorri sarean bizikletaz mugitzearen bi aldeak (gazteleraz)

The study asks also the users what aspects believe that they must be improved so that the bike is a real transport alternative. And they, the urban cyclists, think that, especially, the state of the bidegorris and the parkings. 38,8 % believes that the progress must be more than notable, and 49 % that substantial.

Very close between the aspects to improve is the promotion of this vehicle and further between the requests there is the need to extend the information about the services or the itineraries.

A request that does not appear in the study and that, nevertheless, has expressed itself in different occasions, is the need that the different equipments of the city are provided with special parkings for the bikes and that also squares are enabled in public underground parkings.

In principle, the bus station of Atocha will be the first infrastructure that is provided with an area specialized for this vehicle. A small repair workshop is foreseen, also.

In the positive side, the urban cyclists of the city place in the highest area the coexistence with other cyclists, the length of the trip and the rapidity of the tracings. The intersections with the roadway, the vertical signaling, the rebaje of the curbs, the coexistence with the pedestrians or the connection with other municipalities are the less valued between the proposals gathered in the form.
It attracts attention that the relation is considered to be better with other motorized vehicles that with the pedestrians and that, opposite to the communication with other localities, evil considered, it is considered that the one that exists between the quarters is quite suitable

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