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9/15/2007 DV. Town hall and RAC organize free courses to learn to drive of ecological form


  1. I boast: They are free
  2. You date: They will develop on the 17th and 18th of this month.
  3. Schedules: They will take place in the morning and in the evening, from 9.30 to 13.30 and from 16.00 to 20.00.
  4. Languages: There is offered the possibility that they are in Basque and in Spanish, according to the demand.
  5. Maximum for group: Fifteen persons.
  6. Inscription: Offices of the RAC in the walk of the Jurisdictions.
  7. Short courses: They combine the conduction in a route predetermined with the detection and correction of errors during this trajectory.
SAN SEBASTIÁN. DV. A driver follows a route in his car, a varied trip that will not overcome the quarter of an hour. A monitor, with the help of a computer, will show him in what points it could have used other skills that had allowed him a more ecological, more respectful conduction with the environment of the city and, simultaneously, more economic for his pocket.

There are the so called ecodriving, a few short courses gratuítos that has organized the Town hall in coordination with the RAC in the Week of the Mobility and that will take place on the 17th and 18th, morning and evening, in Basque and in Spanish. Behind these courses, as remembered the councilman of Traffic, Ernesto Gasco, there find also the Entity Vasco de la Energía and the Institute for the Diversification and Saving of the Energy, which promote them in different localities.

They will be given in other municipalities, although the Consistory donostiarra them has decided, in case of San Sebastian, to frame in the Week of the Mobility that environment is celebrated on September 21, about the already traditional Day without Cars that little by little it has spent of being a nominal closings traffic day to a series of performances of major permanence.

Seven kilometers

In this case it has touched them the shift and the attention to the drivers, who can know tricks and skills to drive of more ecological form, but also more economic. Gasco cheered up all those that have car, «who we have the card for time are right by us in updating us», and he made sure that the activity is important to obtain a more sustainable mobility in the city. The skills, also, can be applied in any trip.

The interested parties in these short courses must come to register to the head office of the RAC in the walk of the Jurisdictions and knowledge that the educations take place from 9.30 to 13.30 and from 16.00 to 20.00 and in groups of a maximum of fifteen persons.

They must know also that the first part of the course begins with a brief presentation that is accompanied on the delivery of the manuals in which there are described some of these skills and educations.

After this first capture of contact, the participants will follow a route that has been designed previously by the monitors, driving as they usually do it. This route will not overcome in any case seven kilometers and in her there will be included semaphores, descents, increases, rotundas... «a trip that will not overcome fifteen minutes and that will be as finished as possible, to detect all the mistakes that can be corrected».

All the assistants of every short course will take part in this first return and, once in the classroom, the monitors will facilitate the evaluation of this trip to them, detecting in every case the problems that could have arisen. It will be the moment of the explanations, approximately one hour.

The drivers will cover the designed route again, but this time applying the rules that have been given during the previous hour.

The computer, back in the classroom, will show the comparative one between the first one and the second trip and it will be a work of the monitor to mark the differences obtained in both routes and to make the saving clear that the application of these skills can suppose them in his daily life.

Gasco remembered that the new developments in the engines technology have made possible a piece of news and more efficient way of driving and that, although one tends to make aware the population so that it does not use his private vehicle, there exist formulae that relieve the contamination that they generate. In addition to the collective benefit that is obtained, the driver saves in fuel.

The short courses will not be the only activity of the Week of Mobility, although the acts program still has not been detailed. It is foreseen that, during these dates, the department of Gasco presents the Strategic Plan of the Bicycle.

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