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I initiate> News> A walk and a bidegorri Buenavista and Farrier will replace two of the rails of Not between. NG (23/06/09)

A walk and a bidegorri will replace two of the rails of Not between Buenavista and Farrier. NG (23/06/09)

Neither the stretch of the highway Nor that passes between Buenavista and Farrier - in the muga of Pasai Antxo with Donostia - will come down to two rails in order to others destine two to a pedestrian walk and a bidegorri. The new space destined for cyclists and pedestrians will be conditioned of "immediate" form, although it will be a "provisional solution" until the bulevarización is executed of Not to his step along this area. This work, which should have concluded in April of this year, only has been completed in his first phase, with the opening of the variant of Pasaia and the reduction to three rails of this highway from the rotunda of Molinao up to the high place of Buenavista.

For it, Together Generals of Gipuzkoa agreed yesterday by unanimity, at the proposal of Aralar, to urge to the Statutory Delegation of Gipuzkoa to which, "according to the phases defined in the Project of Urban and Environmental Integration of the highway Not between the rotunda of Molinao and the High place of Buenavista, finished the phase one and opened the linkage Herrera-Intxaurrondo, I initiated the second phase". In this sense, and since in this next stage it is foreseen to limit to two rails the traffic rolled in the stretch understood between the rotunda of Molinao and Buenavista, the commission of Road Infrastructures he protested also to the statutory entity that "supports the same criterion" in the extension up to Farrier.

This way, the statutory Parliament bet for reducing part of the space destined for the vehicles and conditioning it for his pedestrian and cycle use. Also, "there will be studied and will implant to itself a provisional solution (signaling, barriers...) that allows the immediate functional transformation of the road one in order to which both pedestrians and cyclists could use it with the maximum safety guarantees", as the approved amendment prays.

the delegation agrees The juntero of the PNV Joseba Antxustegi announced that the Statutory Delegation of Gipuzkoa "has good disposition in this sense" and considers to be adapted to eliminate two rails in this point. For it, he proved to be convinced that the performance can be executed of form "immediate, as far as possible, by means of the laying of some badge of prohibition of step or another signaling that does not have excessive cost".

The spokesman jeltzale in the commission revealed also that the statutory institution "is already negotiating" with the Town hall of Donostia to adopt a solution in this sense "although it performs provisional form, until this stretch is adapted".

major safety The spokeswoman of Aralar, Rebeka Ubera for his part, remembered that, from the opening of the variant of Pasaia and the bulevarización of Not in Antxo, "the traffic that happens for this area is not of earlier", therefore he thought the reduction of two rails feasible. Also, it indicated, "there are 50 meters of bidegorri isolated without no type of continuity in Antxo. Now, the second one and the third phase are without doing and it seems to us that, between two o'clock, provisional measures can be taken to reduce the dangers for bikes and pedestrians".

The representative of EB, Arantza González, coincided that "the ending of the variant has had as a result an important reduction of the tráficos of Not, as well as the first phase of the bulevarización". For it, he thought that "there are enough objective motives so that two rails, although it is in a provisional way, are accessible for the citizenship on foot and for the rail bike". To his judgment, the measurement impelled for Together Personal details "is going to generate a new way of being related between the different Pasaia districts", therefore he trusted that "is started as soon as possible".

Socialist Lore Suárez showed his adherence to the proposal and considered to be "interesting" the work that is going to be realized to improve the transit in this environment, although he warned that the road, pedestrian and cycle reordering of this area "is complicated because it is necessary to solve the road knots of Farrier and Buenavista".

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