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2007/10/18 DV. Bizikleta gehiago eta CO2 gutxiago (gazteleraz)

Donostia, Barcelona, Gijon, Seville, Malaga, Saragossa and Vitoria do not want to remain of arms crossed against the climate change. The fourth meeting of the Iberian subnetwork of the Latin-American Center of Urban Strategic Development (Cideu), celebrated up to yesterday in Donostia, has served to share experiences against the contamination in the metropolises. The sustainable mobility and the bioclimatic constructions are the challenges of the future.


The Barcelona has implanted a system of rent of bicycles to reduce the transport of private vehicles, the principal issuer of CO2 in the cities. Bicing is provided with hundred stations of rent and 1.500 bicycles. More than 90.000 natives of Barcelona have subscribed to this program from March. José Maria Deulofeu, of the service of Mobility of Barcelona, announced that the service will reach 6.000 bikes in future phases.


The first plan against the climate change will be approved before end of year, as announced the mayor donostiarra Odón Elorza. The document gathers 200 actions on the subject of sostenibilidad. The first town councilor emphasized the extension of the network of bidegorris and his bet for the green spaces (the new park of Ametzagaina).


Nice Gijon is one of the mottoes that has chosen the Asturian city to demonstrate his commitment with the environment and, especially, with the protection of the green spaces. To improve the quality of the air is other of the important challenges, according to Dulce Gallego, councilwoman of Environment, who emphasized the afforestation of last years with the plantation of 60.000 indigenous species.


«Malaga gets stuck every summer». It is said by José Estrada Fernández, the director of the Strategic Plan of Malaga, conscious of the problem that causes the increasing mobile park deprived in the Andalusian province. The city has inaugurated an observatory of the urban environment to brake the impacts to the ambience.


The first metro line of Seville will be inaugurated at the end of month. The polemic work will reduce the buses entry up to the historical helmet. Also there has been started a system of rent of bicycles, similar to that of Barcelona, and one demands for law the installation of solar badges in the new housings.


Vitoria will be surrounded in a little time of a «green ring» composed by five new parks, a project thought to connect the urban environment with the nature, as told Andrés Alonso, of the area of Environmental Planning. 615.000 persons have already approached the first qualified green spaces.


With the sight put in the Expo of the Water, Saragossa has proposed for 2015 to reduce 30 % the emission of CO2 for inhabitant. The target is attainable, makes sure Javier Celma, the director of the Strategic Plan of Saragossa, since between 1996 and 2005 the number lowered 6 %, up to being located in 1,59 tons of CO2 for inhabitant and year.

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