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DV 11/28/2007 Thousand urban cyclists will use every day the new Morlans bidegorri

The tender of the works will be done «of immediate form» and according to the calculations of the councilman of Mobility, Ernesto Gasco, will receive every day thousand cyclists who will cross the ancient tunnel to go of Amara, from the Sacred Family, the university campus or companies of Ibaeta.

He entrusts himself in the success of this new tracing, practically flat, since these thousand bikes will suppose that it turns into the most used second one of the city after that of La Concha, for which 1.500 urban cyclists happen every day. The bridge of the Kursaal also is crossed by approximately thousand.

The adviser aimed in this sense that all the studies that his department realizes coincide that the use of the bicycle increases according to that the infrastructures are improved. The mayor for his part, showed his conviction in which the rent of bicycles that it is necessary to start before the end of the year, will make more successful still this bidegorri that has two kilometers and that, in a future, will tune in to the areas of Bera Bera and pagola in Aiete.

The gestation of the project has been long up to coming to this signature, which will allow also a detour dela ditch Bera Bera and the connection with the tunnel along which the Train goes along so that the bidegorri serves like evacuation route in case of accident. And that supposes the financing to 50 % of 2,6 million euros that costs the operation, although as soon as the work was realized, the maintenance will be done by charge to the municipal arks.


Six years ago, the construction of the new railroad tunnel between Ibaeta and the station of Easo provoked that from the Town hall, Elorza was throwing the idea of that the tunnel that was staying without use was turning into rail bike. The shortest connection between the quarter of Amara and the Ancient one demands to cross steep slopes, while the railroad tracing, except a soft slope close to the Zarautz avenue, is practically flat. The tunnel, which is divided in two stretches, will close in the nights and, during the day, there will be a cameras system and videovigilancia connected with the dependencies of the Municipal Guard.

In addition to the sostenibilidad advantages, yesterday he went so far as to speak about project star in the European ambience, López de Gereñu and Elorza coincided also with the advantages of interform of this new bidegorri, since it will tune in to the Lugaritz station.

The mayor remembered as well as throughout the next year there will be a connection between Amara, Loiola and Txomin across Banks, which will be extended further on to come up to Martutene, which would connect also with Astigarraga. For another side, the bidegorri tunes in to the campus and to the Ancient one, but also to Errotaburu and to Añorga.

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