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The initiative of WHITE BIKES or urban headstones arises in 2002, in San Luis (Missouri, the USA) like action of the anonymous people to protest, in any place of the world, for cyclists dead and knocked down in the highway.
On having happened in front of these bicycles, it is claimed that the people recall a person who has died in this place journeying in bike, or remember any cyclist who should have died pedalling in the highway,
Kalapie has protesting throughout these years for the continuous risk that we suffer on having circulated along the Gipuzkoa highways: it has been asked all the persons who lead motorized vehicles that keep the regulatory distances, that moderate the speed and that fulfill the circulation norms. Also we have demanded from the competent public administrations that should make the sure and comfortable transit possible whom we mount in bicycle.
This danger turns out to be clear in the N-1 and it is there, in Farrier, where there died the cyclist Xabier Lertxundi Panadero, knocked down between a vehicle of engine. For it, on November 22, at four o'clock in the afternoon, we will go out in a march in bicycle from Errentería, and about 17:15h., up to coming to the point where it was knocked down, we will place the first WHITE BIKE in Xabier memory, and like claim of our safety and of the right to be circulated in bicycle of sure form.
From this point, we will continue our march up to the center of Donostia happening for the Delegation and finished opposite to the Town hall. To claim the provisional or definitive execution of the bidegorris that the neighboring populations connect to Donosita: Pasaia, Hernani and Lasarte.
We invite all the persons who use the bicycle, be like a sport, a free time or a daily use, to take part in the above mentioned march and in the later homage.

Also Kalapie invites to visit the exhibition that the Xabier family has organized in the restaurant Garraxi, of Egia. The opening will be the 16th to the evening, in an act at which relatives and friends will be present, and the exhibition will continue during every November, opened to all the persons who should want to visit it.
His title is: XABIREN BEGIRADA. ARGAZKI ERAKUSKETA. GARRAXI. AZAROA. Mundua zabala gives, zabaldu begirada.

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