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BUP [II. TIE IT] "The cycle mobility in Donostia - San Sebastian"

Map of Donostia - San Sebastian

Donostia - San Sebastian together with Vitoria -
Gasteiz was one of the first intermediate cities
that they developed more than one decade ago
the first infrastructures for the use
urban of the bicycle. These first performances
isolated, realized almost always in areas
of "easy integration", in boulevards or spaces
pedestrian, they were not continued on an impulse
it continued that it should make the "blast-off" possible of
the bicycle as way of transport. Nevertheless,
in the latter decade some factors
as the price reduction of the bicycle with the phenomenon
of the "mountainbike", the cultural changes
and the "healthy" ways of life, they have
been favoring the gradual introduction, every
time with more force, of the bicycle...
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Finished discharge of the Chapter 2 of the Plan of Bidegorris [1669.11 Kb.]

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