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The bidegorris network will overcome the next year 55 kilometers with new rails. DV 05/08/09

Ten years ago the idea arose: why not to use the tunnel of Euskotren that will stay in desuetude to enable a bidegorri who communicates the Errondo walk with the Zarautz avenue?. Five years later it was reaching the railroad work that would allow this possibility.

Inaugurated this stretch, the urban cyclists are provided with two more kilometers of bidegorri distributed in two tunnels and with a provisional tracing in the Morlans area.

The opening has served so that, in addition to an Edict of Mayoralty, memory is done on the realized and, especially, expositions for future projects. The showiest of them is that, throughout the next year, they want to be reached between 55 and 60 kilometers of network of bidegorris, what supposes adding ten more kilometers to the already existing ones, including those of the tunnel of Morlans.

Mayor Odón Elorza and the new councilwoman of Mobility, Maravi Dafauce, remembered yesterday that, according to the information of the study of Urban Cycling, in the last four years, the displacements in bicycle have gone on from 1,7 % to 2,6 %. «This turns us in the city of Spain that major percentage of desplamientos registers newspapers, with 12.000 users. And we are going to keep on advancing because this phenomenon, which is unstoppable, is of benefit to the health of the citizenship and to the health of the city».
And the fact is that the network is not still finished, the proper mayor recognizes it. And the councilwoman of Works and Projects, Duñike Agirrezabalaga, who insisted also that his target is to keep on extending the rails bike so that they are useful and effective and to extend the use of this way of transport. «Also in winter», added the mayor, who proved to be convinced that the widespread use of the bicycle, «he supposes a new life style and helps to construct a more human and sustainable city in the struggle against the climate change».
Both believe that 2010 will be decisive for the network. «It will be possible to come, for example, from the square of Atari Eder of Loiola up to the Comb of the Wind for exclusive route to sure». They admit that more parkings will be needed and also that some rails will have to be planned in the roadways, «as in other countries».

A warning for whom utilizen the new Morlans bidegorri. The tracing of the rail in Morlans is provisional due to the works. One hopes that in March of the next year, these 250 meters long should be already definitive with a wider and less exact route to which we have inaugurated

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