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DV. 08/07/03/. Monseko pasealekua udazkenean berrituko gives Intxaurrondiko bidet - segurtasuna hobetzeko asmoz

First was Zarategi, later Baratzategi and now it touches him the shift to the Mons walk. This street of Intxaurrondo, who communicates with Marrutxipi and Ategorrieta and supposes the border between the new and old quarter, goes to transform from autumn to improve the road safety of the environment. The municipal government has just approved the project and has extracted the works to contest. This new phase of the Plan of Road Safety tracing will include substantial changes as the tightening to only one circulation rail in every sense, parking in battery and incorporation of a bidegorri that will connect the neighbors with the urban cycle network.
The road safety of south Intxaurrondo - the new area of the quarter - has always been in the eye of the hurricane. The tracing with double rails in every sense, his earrings, his proximity to the A-8 and his use, therefore, like step area for thousands of vehicles has turned with the step of the years into the whole problem for those who there live. The death of two persons wound in a crosswalk last year gave character of undeferrable the measurements that were studied from hacía years. The fatidical Zarategi walk was remodeled in weeks while ultimaba the Plan of Road Safety for the set of the quarter. Later the project was approved for the walk of Baratzategi, a few works that are attacked at present. In the next months those of Mons will begin. The Mobility department wants to complete five interventions foreseen during this term, what means that Sibilia and the dangerous walk of Otxoki will be the following ones in coming.
To his double circulation rail, the Mons walk incorporates also a strong slope, what almost instinctively it takes to the drivers to tread on the gas pedal. The project approved last week designs a reform of this road from the square of Pablo Sorozabal up to the depots of Donostibus. In this trajectory there are five crosswalks, which today there is necessary to have value to cross them when a car approaches. The discs of prohibited to circulate to more than 50 km/h with speed reduction 30 km/h in the crossings are ignored systematically by the drivers.
The reform that it goes to carry out will change from end to tail this situation. The roadway, which today looks like an extension of the freeway, will only have a rail in every circulation sense, with a 3,5 meters maximum width in the crosswalks. The pedestrians will be more protected by a major width of the sidewalks, because the crossings will be preceded of signs of prohibited to circulate to more than 20 km/h, for the fords that will be placed - the acquaintances as Berlin cushions, which they brake to the cars without disturbing to the buses - and, along if this was small, because the buses will stop and travelers will take stopping in the same circulation rail. This measurement already implanted in numerous streets and quarters of the city, helps to reduce efficiently the speed of the cars without making them lose excessive time, as pointed out the councilman of Mobility, Ernesto Gasco.
The town councilor told that the neighbors asked parking areas not to come out and, not only they go not to suppress but, on having got ready in battery in the whole increase of the walk, there will go out any more squares than the current ones. The road Mons reshaping will incorporate a bidegorri in the sidewalk of descent, in the space gained by the reduction of a rail. This cycle route will tune in in Marrutxipi to the network of bidegorris of the city and it is the penultimate step before connecting to the red asphalt the whole high part of the quarter-Sagastieder and walk Otxoki-.
«It talks each other to improve the pedestrian safety, of calming the tráficos, of turning this street into a road of quarter, which, therefore, must serve for the internal circulations. The drivers will reduce his speed and the neighbors will walk calmer on the street», told Gasco. The initial budget of the works amounts to 345.292 euros, the works will begin in October or November and they are provided with a term of execution of three months and a half.

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