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DV, 1/11/2008 The bikes rent will be started on the 22nd

This service - named d-Bizi - is similar to the one that works already in other cities. The bicycle waits to be used in an automatic anchoring that is opened and closes by means of an electronic card that the citizen must obtain in the offices of Udalinfo - first floor of the Town hall-. The cost is 12 euros per year. It is thought so that the donostiarras should use it for his everyday life and therefore they should use the bikes for short trajectories. The first hour will be free and it will be possible to take another past bike again half an hour. Pío XII arranges the system initially of 100 bikes and 122 anchoring distributed in five points of the city-Boulevard, Station of the North, Lecture room building of the campus of the UPV and Secundino Esnaola-. The company Cemusa will control the system the first months, entrusting that there are always free hollows to park by means of the bikes transfer from a few places to others.

Up to the summer the service will work like pilot experience. If there is verified the need to extend the number of bikes - the Delegation has offered to take part - of anchoring or of points of parking, the Town hall might summon a contest so that a company was managing to future the service.

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